Mom Hack- Target REDcard- Save 5% every time you shop!

target red card benefits

We seriously love Target in my household!

They carry the best products and cutest stuff for kids (and Mom too!)

Why not save 5% every time you go?  Get the Target REDcard!

I had heard about the REDcard and was asked about it for years every time I was at Target but never wanted to do it because I thought it was a credit card or something!  It’s not!  It is simply hooked up through your bank account and when you shop at Target, you use your REDcard, and its just like using your debit card.  The money comes directly from your bank account and you get to take advantage of the 5% every time you shop at the store on anything!  You can also apply for a credit card if you want but we just have the debit card option and LOVE it!

apply for target redcard

What’s really cool is on my receipt is the running total that I have saved using the REDcard and let me tell you, it is up there!!!  Like hundreds of dollars I have saved!  What can you buy with all the money you saved??

MAK says- Get yours today!  Super easy to get one plus you get a 10% coupon every year on your “Red Anniversary!”  That’s even more savings!  You can apply here on the Target website and get your very own REDcard!

Other reasons why you should have a REDcard:

Enjoy the convenience of online card management on your computer or mobile device.

Credit: Check balance, make payments, review statements.

Debit: View transactions and manage your PIN.

Apply for the TARGET Redcard and receive 5% OFF Today and Everyday, FREE Shipping @TARGET.COM and +EXTRA DAYS for Returns.


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