Hello there! I am Elizabeth, the MOM behind Mom Always Knows.

Inspired by a long line of other Moms who also always knew. I don‘t know everything by any means but what I don’t know, I can find out, that’s for sure! I am a super Mom, just like you, juggling everything life throws this way. I love God first and foremost, am happily married and am raising 2 beautiful and headstrong little girls ages 4 and 5 who will often be the inspirations of my blog. I work full-time and dedicate myself to this site in the moments between housework, work, family time and life.

We reside in the Sunny Dallas TX and I decided to start my blog after years of being a resource for friends and family in nearly every area! I now love sharing tips and information online with my readers and social media followers and love to connect with others just like me!

I am passionate about all of the topics you’ll find on my blog but most of all being a Mom and everything to do with MOM.

Enjoy, unwind and be you!

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Healthy Moms Magazine Contributor