How to Make Edible Thanksgiving Apple and Orange Turkey Snacks

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and if you are like me, you are ready to eat and have some much needed downtime to reflect on all the things you are thankful for!  Speaking of eating, there will be no shortage of carbs and sweets at our table for the Thanksgiving holiday so I am always on the search for fun snacks and food for my kiddos!  These edible Thanksgiving apple and orange turkey are the perfect snack or addition to your Thanksgiving spread!  They were a big hit at my daughters Thanksgiving class party with her and all her friends and frankly so fun to make!

How to Make Apple Turkey


– apple & Oranges
– toothpicks
– baby carrots
– mini marshmallows
– Chocolate chips
– blueberries
– red fruit snack or gummy candy, cut in fourths

thanksgiving snacks for kids

Keep in mind these supplies are just what we used!  You can use whatever supplies you like.  Some ideas are strawberries, grapes, bananas and kiwi.  Spice it up a bit with candy corn or little candies like Nerds, Starburst or Junior Mints.

Tip- Whatever you decide to use, it just needs to be soft enough for a toothpick to go through and solid enough not to break apart when you stick the toothpick in.  For example, mini chocolate chips DO NOT work with toothpicks!

thanksgiving apple turkey


1. Poke 5 marshmallows, blueberries or fruit snacks onto several toothpicks to make the turkey feathers. Insert the ends of the toothpicks along the back of the apple or oranges.  I used 4-5 toothpicks for the feathers but its up to you how many you want to use depending on the size of the fruit.

how to make orange turkeys

thanksgiving snacks for preschoolers

2. Get creative here and fill in your Turkey’s face by poking whatever you like in as his eyes and nose.  I used carrots cut in small strips on most of my apples and oranges for his waddle.  Fruit snacks also look great because of their shape cut in fourths for the waddle.

thanksgiving snacks for preschoolers

ideas for apple snacks

3. Lastly use 2 toothpicks and whatever  combo of goodies you like for the turkey legs and feet.

ideas for apple snacks

thanksgiving spread ideas for kids

If you are looking for a super fun treat then Edible Thanksgiving Apple and Orange Turkeys are for you! I had so much fun making many different Turkey designs and my kids went crazy over them!  They can even help you but be prepared for lots of snacking to go down!

Have fun and Happy Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving snacks for kids

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Easy Fall Leaf Collage Art Project for Kids

You know the time of year!  The leaves are falling from the trees and the temperature has started to cool down!  Yes, even in Texas this happens, although it is still rather warm here for November (but hey, I am not complaining.)  Nothing is better then getting out with your kids and family and looking at God’s beauty all around you!  My kids wanted to go on a bike ride so I thought this would be a great opportunity to get out and collect some leaves and make an Easy Fall Leaf Collage Art Project with them, so easy, anyone can do!

Fall Leaf Collage


The best part is this Easy Fall Leaf Collage Art Project is basically free using items you already probably have at home!  Here is what you will need!  Of course, you can get creative and add any supplies you want to the mix!

  • Leaves
  • Crayons
  • Glue
  • Construction Paper

Easy Fall Leaf Collage Art Project for Kids

Head outside and round up your leaves

The kids hopped on their bikes so they could use their baskets to scoop up their leaves and we headed out!  I am all about letting them burn off some of that energy so they will be ready for bed!  We have trails behind our neighborhood with some nice trees that are perfect for exploring.  Visit your neighborhood park, take a walk or even gather leaves in your own backyard so that you can do your fall leaf art project!

Collage Art Project for Kids

During our walk we talked about the parts of the tree and why leaves change colors.  They were filled with questions about the changing of seasons and what kind of trees we were looking at.  We felt and smelled the leaves and even rolled around in them for some sensory play!  Enjoying each other’s company and learning about the leaves was the best part of my day!

kids playing in the leaves

fall in texas

How to Make your Leaf Art Project

This is where your kids creative juices can come alive!  Pick a color of construction paper, get out the glue and make some designs and/or collages on your paper.

Leaf Art Project

We did hearts and smiley faces since my girls are totally in to emojis right now!  You can use the whole leaf or tear them up in little pieces.  Whatever you want to do!  The sky is the limit on the type of designs you can use with your glue.  Some suggestions include a tree, flowers, stick people, shapes and animals.

Fall Leaf Art Project

Take your crayons or markers and add the finishing touches to your fall leaf art project!  Our Easy Fall Leaf Collage Art Projects are proudly displayed on the refrigerator for all to see!

fall leaf art

So easy and fun that anyone can do it!

Happy Fall and crafting Y’all!


5 Reasons you Should have a Family Game Night

This is a sponsored post by Spinmaster.  We did receive a complimentary Hedbanz game but all opinions are 100% our own.

We have family game night on Friday nights!  My kids have come to look forward to this tradition as the busy week is wrapping up and it’s a chance for us to all get together and have some hard earned fun!  Sometimes we let the kids pick what they want to do or I plan ahead and have a game or fun activity for us to do all ready!

hedbandz game review

Some of our best game nights have included family walks, games I found on pinterest or good old- fashioned board games!  There is no wrong or right thing to do since every family is different!  Just get the tradition started and try to be consistent, especially if you have younger kids.  For our game night this past week we played a really fun game called Hedbanz.  You might of heard about Hedbanz the award winning, goofy guessing game of “What am I?”  before but they have a new Second Edition with brand new cards for kids board game now.  It comes with everything you need for non-stop fun including a Hedbanz rule sheet, 74 cards, 24 chips, 6 headbands, and sand-clock timer.  You can pick it up anywhere board games are sold!

Why should you have a game night?

Reason 1- Making memories

You are making memories with your family that all will remember.  When your kids look back on their childhood, you want them to remember all the fun times you had.  When they remember that you always had a family game night, they will cherish those memories.  Playing Hedbanz is a great way to have some fun and get some laughs!  Each player wears a “headband” and picks a card.  They don’t know the card they have selected and need to ask questions to the rest of the players to try to guess the card on their head.  Everyone looks really silly so you are making some great memories!  With the holidays coming up, I can’t wait to pull out my Hedbanz and have some laughs!

hedbanz 2nd edition

Reason 2- Great way to talk to your kids about their week

Families run at super speeds these days with all members of your family going in different directions all the time.  It is so nice to just stop and 100% of the focus is on your family unit.  The kids will be relaxed and having fun and you can bring up any questions or concerns that you have during this time in a relaxed environment.  During our game of Hedbanz, my kids brought up stories about their week because the cards actually made them think about and remember what they had done at school.

fun games for kids

Reason 3- Stress reliever

Studies show that having fun and playing games truly relieves stress and anxiety.  Hello, do we want our families to live with stress and anxiety?  No, I think not!  Laugh it out, play and have some fun.  This is your perfect opportunity to order everyone away from all mobile devices and get out the ole fun makers.  My kids never ask for their mobile devices during our family game night!

easy games for kids

Reason 4- Learning opportunity

Depending on what you play, there are always lessons that can be taught.  I like to pick educational games like Hedbanz or fun games that help my children learn and grow as well .  Hedbanz is the perfect game, especially for kids 6 to 9 years old.  Kids will be able to develop deductive reasoning and problem solving skills in a thrilling way!  While trying to guess the card on their head, they have to ask lots of questions and race against a timer.

learning games for kids

Reason 5- Way to teach social skills to your kids

We all know we need manners and social skills.  What a fun way to teach you kids about taking turns, teamwork, competition and much more by playing games.  Hedbanz is perfect for this because everyone takes their turn and when the timer runs out, that’s it, on to the next player.  We teamed up as well since the littles needed a little bit of help and talked about what we might have on our heads in a little huddle, just like a team would do!


So whatever you decide to do, just get started!  Have a weekly game night with your family because there are truly many benefits and much fun to be had! They will love you for it!

Do you have a game night tradition?  Let us know in the comments below!



3 Reasons to Spend Quality Time Crafting DIY Sweet(lings) Desserts with Your Kids

This post is a part of a sponsored campaign for Alex Brands.

Looking for a way (or reason) to hang out and have some quality crafting DIY time and fun with your kids? Research suggests there are tons of reasons why you should craft with your kids but here are the top 3 for my family!

craft ideas for kids

Making Memories

My kids love to bake with me and we have been known to frost a mean cookie!  I love our time together in the kitchen or wherever it may be because at the end of the day, it is all about making memories.  Your kids will remember and cherish all the time you spent with them.  However, with that being said, every time we bake they end up hopped up on sugar.  After licking the bowl, the spoons and sampling the creations those poor little girls have had it, not to mention the calories they are in-taking and the mess I am constantly cleaning up.  I needed another idea because my kids love to make desserts and I love spending time with them while they are crafting or baking!

sweetlings frost-a-friend

Introduce Sweetlings!  Sweetlings is a line of craft projects that uses whipped clay to create bakery-themed desserts.  Isn’t that the cutest name ever?  The name is very fitting as your little craft projects will look good enough to eat (but don’t!)  Kids squeeze whipped clay through decorating tips (just like if they were baking real desserts) onto a variety of sweet bases.  The bases are bakery items like ice cream cones, doughnuts, cupcakes etc.

sweetlings donut

Unleash their Creativity

Of course no crafting session is complete without using your imagination and creativity.  Kids need to know its okay to create and have a time to just be themselves!   Sweetlings allows your kids to collect and create all characters and use as play figurines once the clay is dry. Each set comes with a fun background that sets the stage for more play.  My kids spent hours decorating their character, Rainbow SPRINKling and their background.  We only had one kit but since there was two activities in it, they both were able to participate and do it together.  Talk about addicting!  It was great to see them customize their character with all the final touches (stickers, plastic sprinkles, glitter)  and make him come to life!  They did it together with no fighting since they were having so much fun!  For kids that love to bake, this is the next best thing!  Decorate your character just like it was real food (but with no sugar!)

easy crafts for kids

Get your Monies Worth

As a mom, I get sick of buying the latest craft kit only to be disappointed when the kids are done and it’s done.  There’s nothing else to do with it and often times things get thrown away.  Crafting should be fun and inexpensive!  Sweetlings are a unique craft and collectable toy all in one.  You will get your monies worth with this kit.  After the clay dries in about 24 hours, you are good to go for more play.  You can add to your character if you still have clay left or just play with your characters and background like any toy.  My kids actually gave their character and background to their Dad as a gift.  They were so proud of it and like I said before, the character kits come with 2 activities (the character and the background) so 2 kids can have fun with 1 kit.

diy craft kid for kids

Let us know what you think of your Sweetlings in the comments!  We recommend them to anyone looking for ways to spend quality time crafting DIY  with Your Kids!   You can check them below!


crafting with your kids



DIY Easy My Little Pony Party Centerpiece

Don’t spend a fortune having someone else make you a My Little Pony Centerpieces for your next party or event!  Make them yourself with our DIY instructions below!  It’s super easy, fun and something you and your kids can do together!  Just follow the steps and you are on your way!  Plus (BONUS TIP) make sure you book mark this tutorial for future reference because the pony can always be substituted for whatever theme you are doing!!

my pretty pony centerpiece

My Little Pony DIY Centerpiece for a Party

What you will need:

  1.  Buckets (I got mine at Hobby Lobby)
  2. Glue Gun
  3.  Styrofoam (Sized to fit down into the bucket size you select)
  4. Dum Dums suckers (I got mine at Walmart in bags of 75)
  5. Bamboo Skewers Sticks (I got mine at Hobby Lobby)
  6. Ponies (I got a bag of 5 at my local kids resale shop for $5)

How to make easy DIY My Little Pony Centerpieces

**Note:  I was working with 5 buckets so for the purpose of this tutorial everything will be for 5.  If you have more or less, you might have to do some tweaking to my calculations.

Make sure you have all your supplies so you won’t have to get up and can get to work!

little pony party centerpiece

Plug in your Glue gun and get it warmed up.  Line up all your buckets.  Apply a fair amount of glue to the bottom of each bucket and quickly before it dries push down a piece of Styrofoam into each bucket.  You can do 2 at a time holding about 10 seconds each since the glue dries so fast.

easy party centerpieces

I had 2 bags of suckers so a total of 150.  30 suckers per bucket since I had 5 buckets to do.  Now the fun part and this is where you can be creative.  If you want them all flat, you can do that or a umbrella effect you can do that.  Just play with it.  It just depends how far you stick them into the Styrofoam.  ***Tip.  If you want them to be higher and come up out of the tip of your bucket more then you might need to buy a taller piece of Styrofoam  or glue the piece you have to the middle of the bucket instead of the bottom.

dum dums party centerpiece how to

Now that you have your dum dums in place, you want to place your bamboo sticks in your ponies. Gently but firmly (you don’t want to break your stick) jam the sharp part of the stick in one of the legs of the pony.  I used the leg that went all the way up into the body so I could stick the stick further for more support.

dum dums centerpiece for party

Next and the last step is take the bamboo stick and put it where you want it in your bucket!

my little pony party decorations

Easy Peasy.  Done!

table decoration for my little pony party

You can get very creative with the colors of the dum dums, pony’s and buckets in order to make your My Little Pony party and centerpiece fabulous!  Let us know what you think!  DIY is so fun, isn’t it!






Who Doesn’t like Surprises in a bag? SURPRIZAMALS Stuffed Animal Review


Which one will you get?  What’s inside?


I am always looking for cute little gifts for my kids that can be used for behavior rewards in our treasure box at home or “just because” gifts that don’t break the bank.  I also look for stocking stuffers year round and little things to throw in goodie bags or gift bags when the girls have their own birthday parties or attend them.  I was so excited when we received some Surprizamals to review for y’all so I could see if these little stuffed balls would make the grade!  Of course all opinions are my own.

blind bag stuffed animals

Most kids today have heard of the “blind bag” and love the concept and my kids are no strangers, they love it!  They were so excited to get their Surprizamals and quickly opened the mailing bag and divided them up so that they each got the same amount.  Pop open the round red egg they come in and bam, you open up a super soft quality plush little stuffed animal.  They are not in a “blind bag” but the red egg needs to be popped open to see what is inside and you won’t know what Surprizamals are in your set until you open them.  How fun, especially to a young child!

stuffed animal for kids

There are 4 series (similar to seasons) currently and among them there are common, rare, ultra rare and limited edition Surprizamals to collect.  My girls started playing with them right away and trading each other to get the ones they wanted.  Made by Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co, the “Cuties” are 2″ tall and “Wackys” are 4″ tall.  Zach the Zebra, Lola the Lady bug and Penny the Penguin are just a few of the cute little Surprizamals that you can collect.


Christmas is right around the corner so you might want to keep these in mind as they are sure to be a big hit.  You can pick them up at Toys R Us, Walmart of other toy retailers as well as the Surprizamals website here.

SURPRIZAMALS are MAK approved!




Things to do in Dallas for Families- Reunion Tower’s GeO-Deck Review

Looking for some good ole family fun?  Visiting Dallas soon or perhaps live in the area and have always wanted to go up to the GeO-Deck?  Well now is your chance!  We did receive free entry to look around to bring you this review but all opinions are 100% my own!


Reunion Tower’s GeO-Deck Review

My kids love the Dallas Skyline and see it often as we drive through going places so we surprised them and didn’t tell them where we were going until we pulled in!  They were so excited and a bit scared to go up the 470 feet but we assured them it was safe and well worth it!

Parking is a couple blocks away and cost $6 for the farther parking lot and $9 for the closer one or you can Valet with the hotel for $19.  I did think that was a bit pricey but I guess that is pretty common when parking at any venue.  After you park, you can enter through the actual GeO-Deck entrance or the hotel entrance and walk over.  We followed the signs and it was very easy to navigate to where we needed to go and went and picked up our tickets at the will call desk.

reunion tower front desk

I was impressed and had never thought about it but there was a security check station where your bag was checked to ensure everything was safe.  This made me feel good especially since we were going up 470 feet in the air in a popular tourist attraction so you can never be too safe!

Our journey started with the PIX photo experience at the bottom of the tower. You get to pick from hats and goofy photo props then take your picture in front of a green screen and are able to pick from backgrounds of one of six images of the Dallas skyline at the end of your visit.  You get a free picture emailed to you but if you want to buy prints there is a cost.

reunion tower photo opp

Next we boarded the elevator and in 68 seconds we were exiting to the GeO-Deck 470 feet in the air.  The usher on the elevator took us up and answered questions and told us fun trivia on the way up.  One side of the elevator is all glass so you can actually look outside your whole way up.  Very cool.

This indoor/outdoor observation deck lets you explore the city unlike anywhere else. They have  interactive touch screen Halos and with just one swipe discover local hidden gems, historic landmarks, museums, parks and much more.  You can even name your own constalation.

reunion tower constellation

The views from inside were breathtaking and totally 360-degree since its a complete circle.  You could see for miles in any direction!

skyline of dallas

My kids, of course, wanted to head outside!  You can walk outside also around the exterior deck and feel the wind in your hair as you stand 470 feet on the outside deck!  We went during the day and it was very cool but I bet at night it would be Amazing!  They have high-definition zoom cameras also for free so you can truly see for miles and miles.

reunion tower view

We went upstairs from the Ge0-Deck to the restaurant and it spins, yes it spins and you can see and feel it spinning.  The pricing was good and we were going to eat but the line was long so we opted to go somewhere else.

camera reunion tower

Mom Always Knows definitely suggests making the iconic Reunion Tower one of your stops to explore for interesting things to see and do in Dallas.

Here is a coupon for you as well!!
$3 off General Admission to Reunion Tower’s GeO-Deck

To print your coupon, go HERE!

Receive $3 off an adult general admission ticket to Reunion Tower’s GeO-Deck when you present this coupon or mention code “USFam”!

reunion tower coupon

For more information visit Reunion Tower.

Have fun!!

Visiting Dallas, See our review of Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch.


2 Easy & Fun Educational Kids Activities- Constructing and Erupting a Volcano

Summer Summer Summer!  That means many of you are stuck at home with the kids and as fun as that is by this time you may have exhausted your play list of things to do with the little rascals. Fear not, Mom Always Knows has teamed up with The Sprouting Minds to bring you 2 awesome and educational kids activities.

Awesome and Educational Kids Activities

Let’s talk Volcanoes!  Time to teach the kids about volcanoes or at least recap if they are at the age they might of already learned about them before with these 2 fun-filled activities of constructing and erupting Volcanoes!  Who doesn’t love them as they are way cool!

How to construct a Volcano

To construct your own volcano in three easy steps (since we only do easy at MAK) you only need the following:

Plastic Solo Cup
Air drying clay, play dough, or any other type of modeling clay
Paper plate
Accessories your child may want to decorate the volcano with

how to erupt a Volcano

Head on over to the Sprouting Minds here  to learn how to make your own!

We wouldn’t just leave you hanging with just a plain ole Volcano that doesn’t erupt!  We want your kids to have the best time possible!  Kids love things that happen, right!?!  Well read on!

All you will need for some serious erupting is:

2 tbs Baking Soda
6 drops Dawn
1/4c Vinegar
Food Coloring (for Lava color)
Empty 8oz or 16oz water bottle, depending on size of volcano
Paper plate or dish for collecting ‘lava’

Erupting Volcano Activity

For full instructions on how to erupt your own volcano head on over to Sprouting Minds here.

Its simple, easy and fun!  Your kids will have so much fun and you won’t have a mess to clean up…well…not much of one! : )

Enjoy the rest of your summer Mom!  Please comment below and let us know what you thought and how much fun your kids had with this fun, easy and educational activity!

Until next time!





The “I Spy Something Beautiful that God Made” Game

Now that Spring is in full swing, my girls and I, ( and the new puppy Buster) are out and about on numerous daily walks. There is no better way to pass the time and fill these moments with valuable lessons then to incorporate games!  We love games and have been known to make them up about anything and everything!  We got GAME!  HA!

Our favorite game at the moment is one we made up that copy cats the classic “I-Spy” game that we all know and love with our own twist.  Our faith is something that is so important to us and hope it is to you and your family too so the “I Spy Something Beautiful that God Made” Game was born!  The bible tells us in Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” I always try to incorporate this verse into our daily life and make it fun for my girls.  We acknowledge all the things we see that God made that are beautiful in our game!  We talk about it!  We laugh about it!  We are thankful for it!  Memories are born and little disciples are growing….

Play the game with your kids!  Get outside and have some fun!  Make your own twist to it!  Let us know in the comments if you had fun!

i spy something beautiful game

How to play the game:

  1.  Decide who goes first.  This can be done by rock paper scissors or youngest goes first etc.
  2. The spy picks something in his mind that can not be changed and must stay in view.  (if walking or driving, keep this in mind)
  3. The spy says, “I spy something beautiful that God made that is__________________.”   He gives a clue like a color, shape, size etc.  If you have older kids you can use “starts with letter B or harder clues.” Something so that the others can try to guess what he is looking at.  An example here is “I spy something beautiful that God made that is Blue.  Then big.  Then high.  The answer is the sky.
  4. Each person gets a turn to guess with an answer and the spy says yes or no/hot or cold something like that.
  5. Once someone guesses what the object is then they become the spy and the whole process starts over again.

Easy!  Now go find some beautiful things that God made!  You won’t have to go very far! : )

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Couple other family fun games for rainy days!

9 Reasons Kids Should be Outside Every Day

9 Reasons Kids Should be Outside Every Day

 The great outdoors is such a wonderful place for children (and adults) to play and learn. We try hard to get our boys outside at least once a day. Sometimes it’s just for a few minutes to walk to the mailbox, other days we are outside for hours. It’s amazing what just a little bit of time in the sun can do for everyone.

Learn to Appreciate Nature

When you spend time outside, you learn to appreciate the beauty around you. Being among the trees makes you realize how much they help us, consciously and subconsciously. We tell the trees thank you for providing the shade we play under when we are at the park. I’ve taught my boys that pulling leaves off of a plant can hurt it. Even at their young ages, they are learning that we need to be nice to the nature around us. We are careful not to do anything that could harm any animals, and even the “scary” things, like bees, are good and are needed. Except wasps, those spawns of evil are an exception!

Vitamin D

There’s no better way to get the vitamin D your body needs than to soak up the sun’s rays. Of course, you don’t want to soak up so much that you get burned, but a bit of sun every day is really good for your body. If you’re like me, all it takes it about 5-10 minutes of sun before I start to get pink. Know your limits, and your child’s limits, and take necessary precautions. We usually go play in the backyard once the sun is on the front of the house. We still go into the sunny areas for a little bit, but most of the time are in the shade. It’s the perfect mixture of sun and shade.

Develop Creativity

Sure, we have some outdoor toys that we play with, but we also will make up games based on what we find. We’ve played games the boys made up using just sticks and leaves, or sometimes rocks, or shells when we are at the beach. When a child is bored, they will use their creativity to come up with something fun. Going outside minimizes all the distractions and let’s their imagination run wild.

No Screens Outside

There have actually been studies done on the effect that going outside has on a child’s vision. Most believe that this is linked to not staring at a screen when they are playing outside. My boys are limited to one hour per day on their tablets, and they have the tv on quite a bit but aren’t actively watching it most of the time. When we go outside, they aren’t allowed to bring their tablets our, we don’t have an outdoor tv, and my phone is only out there to take some photos and listen to music.

Increased Exercise

Most of the time, you aren’t going to go outside and just sit still. You are going to be walking, running around, playing games, swinging at the park, etc. When you get outside, you are more likely to increase the amount you are moving, thus getting more exercise in. Childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic in the United States, and spending time outside can help your child burn off some of their energy.

Boost the Immune System

Remember that Vitamin D you are soaking up outside? Turns out just being outside can boost your entire immune system. Unless you are somewhere that has poor air quality (or have a medical reason against breathing in the air outside), usually the air outdoors is better than the air in your home. You also tend to get better oxygen when you are out among the plants and trees.

Decreased Stress

What do children have to stress about? Sure, it seems silly, but children can be stressing about things that seem so simple to us. Getting outside, in the sun, among the trees, can naturally lower stress levels. Sometimes when my boys are having cranky days that everything seems to bother them, we either go out back to play or walk down to the park and it’s amazing the difference it makes in their attitudes. Bonus, it also helps me unwind from dealing with their crankiness.


When we go in the backyard to play, it’s just us. When we go to the park, the playground, or even play in the front yard, we are almost always joined by other kids. Sometimes these are neighbors and kids we know, others we just meet. No matter who it is, playing with other children helps them all to socialize and learn some basic manners. Everyone can’t go down the slide at the same time, there’s only one winner in the race, not everyone wants to play the same game. All of this forces them to learn how to deal with these circumstances.

Gross Motor Skills

There’s a lot more room to run around, spin, jump, and climb outside than there is in the house. Going outside and letting the kids burn their energy lets them work on their gross motor skills and learning their limits.

Outdoor Activities

So now that you have committed to getting outside more often, what are you going to do? Part of this depends on the age of your children, but there are so many things you can do outside.

Create a nature journal with your children. Buy a simple notebook, and let them write down or sketch photos of the neat things that they find while out and about. Go for a walk on a nearby nature trail or take a bike ride and see what you can find together. Maybe put together your own scavenger hunt of things you want to look for. Make a nature box to hold anything neat (not alive) that your child finds and wants to hold on to and keep it outside for them to add to it often.

Another great way to teach children about nature and what it provides for us is to start a garden together and let them help plant the seeds, water, harvest, etc. My boys love to help in our garden.

For some fun in your own yard, you can always get some chalk, bubbles, or water guns to play with. Kids love to draw with chalk, and it washes away easily. My boys haven’t quite mastered bubbles yet, but they love to chase them! And if it’s a warm summer day, water is always fun.

Read more from Stephanie here.

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