Children’s Book Review: A Little Dog With A Big Heart “Gobi” by Dion Leonard, Illustrated by Lisa Manuzak

Children’s Book Review

We love dogs and books about dogs at Mom Always Knows and are delighted to bring you this children’s book review!  Gobi is a sweet book and true story about a little dog living all alone in China’s Gobi Desert.  Gobi finds Dion while he was running a 77 mile race across the desert.  Together they survive extreme temperatures, rivers and sand dunes and form an unbreakable bond.  Children of all ages will love and relate to this book but we recommend ages 4-12.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers  book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Gobi Children's book review

Our Reaction to Gobi

The MAK loves Gobi and your family will too!  The author, Dion, does a great job telling the story and making you feel like you are on the race/adventure with them too!  The pages are illustrated brightly and also tell the story so that your kids can follow along, even if they can’t read.  You had me at “true stories” so this is a heartfelt win!  My kids love books about animals, especially dogs.  I was able to talk to them about the importance of taking care of animals and looking out for the “little guy.”  Many topics of conversation between you and the kids can come from the story line of this book.  A little dog with a big heart is extremely fitting as Gobi was determined to finish the race and go home with a new owner!

 little dog big heart

Mom Always Knows gives Gobi: A Little Dog With A Big Heart 5 out of 5 stars! 

You can get your own book on Amazon now! 

Disclosure:  Clicking on this link will cost you nothing and is part of the Amazon affiliates program. 



How to Transform a Wall with No Paint! You Can with Pixers Wall Murals!

My girls and I love to change and decorate but lead very busy lives!  Sometimes we don’t have time for all the projects that I have on my do to list and my husband (bless his heart) gets sick of his honey do’s! Ha!  I have visions of grander things all the time but homework, bath time, sick kids and walking the dog usually get in the way.  I have been wanting to paint my daughters room but who has time for that?  When I heard about Pixerstick wall murals by Pixers,  I had to give them a try.  We did receive complimentary Pixerstick Wall murals to try out for you guys but opinions are 100% our own!

shabby chic pixerstick

Changing a wall with no paint

Pixerstick Wall Murals  are tear- and crease-resistant self-adhesive matte wall murals that allow you to easily transform any area of your home and they literally have millions of patterns for every room of your house.   You can easily install them unassisted, and then move them from place to place as often as you please, whenever you want – you’ll see how simple this is.  My husband put ours up in each one of my daughters room, by himself, in about 10 minutes total time.  That sure beats painting or wallpapering, doesn’t it!

pixerstick wall mural

Easy to Use and Perfect for any room

Pixers let me go on their website and order the size and design I wanted.  Just pull out your ole tape measure and you are good to go.  It was super easy navigating their website.  Since our decor is shabby chic, you can see the pattern I got in the pictures for both my daughters rooms.  It matches their decor perfectly and I am so excited that I will be able to move both my Pixersticks to another room if I want someday or different areas of their room.  You will get your moneys worth with this product.  It is not flimsy and cheap like some of the other decals you can buy at your local department stores and it actually looks like we painted the wall.  They lay very flat and smooth!

redo a wall with no paint

change a room with no paint

Special discount code for Mom Always Knows Readers

Just for my readers, Pixers is offering a 40% coupon code at checkout!  Just use coupon code MOMALWAYSKNOWS!   We love our Pixersticks and can’t wait to get some more for the bathroom window!  Yes they even have window decals!  Check them out here!  You will be pleasantly surprised!




How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online plus WebProtectMe Guardian Premium Giveaway

This is a sponsored review brought to you by Digitar.  The opinions are completely my own based on my experience with WebProtectMe.


How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

As a parent, you are always protecting you kids regardless of their age and stage.   You lay in bed at night thinking of ways to protect them and keep them safe and you do a darn good job I’m sure.  You limit the amount of sun they get, you make sure they don’t talk to strangers and you don’t let them play in traffic.  In our crazy world nowadays there are so many things we have to worry about, and what your kids are browsing CAN be low on the list if you have the right tools.  Keeping your kids safe online should be easy!

I have wrote about this topic before so I will say it again!  We must protect our kids while they are online!  Wouldn’t it be great to NOT have to worry about if your child was browsing sites he shouldn’t?  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to BLOCK certain sites period from your child?  Wouldn’t it be great to SEE what your child is doing online without digging into each site he has visited?  Wouldn’t it be great if your child could browse the internet with NO popups and advertisements? How would you like the PIECE OF MIND that your child was browsing a internet free of categories like pornography, sex, drugs, violence, abortion, etc?   Well guess what, now you can with WebProtectMe Safe Browser!

WebProtectMe Safe Browser

A Free Browsing Experience

keep kids safe online app

WebProtectMe is free and will let you browse with sensible restrictions built in, including Safe Search enabled for Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Vimeo and Tumblr.  It was super easy to find by searching “WebProtectMe” in the App Store and install as well.  Type in your email address and a password and you are ready to go.

It will block sites that fall under these categories, among others:

  • pornography, sex, nudity
  • Sex Education & Abortion
  • Drugs, alcohol, tobacco
  • Violence

webprotectme app review


Nasty things like phishing, malware, key loggers and hackers are also blocked and that’s just the free version!  We are online every single day at my house so having WebProtectMe is like a added layer of security for me as it blocks 3rd party webmail viruses, stops identity-stealing pop-ups, removes those annoying ads and helps make my internet a safer place for my family!

WebProtectMe Guardian

WebProtectMe Guardian  is the premium subscription monitoring pay-for account that lets you block (or un-block) any of the above and also fifty more categories.  You can completely customize your families protection.  We have different age kids in my household so the ability to set restrictions per-user even on the same devices is awesome!  My older child can have access to different websites and things that my younger child can not!

Guardian does everything that the free safe browser does, it is just a little more fine tuned and controls a little more tightly.  There is a $9.99 monthly fee to use it but you can give it a try for a free month, to see if you like it, so there is no risk!  Below is a “Top Blocked Sites” report example.

browsing report blocked sites

Guardian is awesome for its reporting capabilities!  It shows you by site what your child is browsing on the browsing report but can also show you blocked searches.  You can set up a “blocked search” and get a report to see if your child is searching for words that you might of blocked.  Then you can have conversations with your child about why they are searching for these words or phrases.   What a great conversation starter for some of those hard to talk about topics that we must have with our kids.

Here is an example.  Let’s say you blocked the word fat because someone at your child’s school was calling them fat and you didn’t want them searching for it. You can see that they did try searching for the word “fat” where the red dot is on your report.

guardian protect kids online

You can also tell by the reports what categories your child has visited the most and where she/he is most active.

The only draw backs I see to this app currently and maybe this will change one day are as follows:

  1.  Only for IOS .
  2.  I like to browse on my laptop/desktop and this is just for Iphone and Ipod.

In closing, there are several sites that offer great advice for parents looking for more info on online safety!  My favorite is the FBI site where they give advice and information specifically for parents to help protect your children from dangers lurking in both the online and offline worlds.  You can check it out here!

Giveaway time!

Keep your kids safe and on task on the internet!  You have other things to worry about like if they are eating their vegetables and if your husband took out the trash!  MAK gives WebProtectMe and Guardian two thumbs up!

We like it so much we are co-hosting a giveaway with DigiTar!

5, yes 5, lucky readers will win a free 1 year subscription to the WebProtectMe Guardian™ Premium subscription service (normally $9.99 a month.)

Remember WebProtectMe is ALWAYS free so you can get it now here.

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Good Luck!






Need Food to Stay Fresh Longer? Try the Ozeri Instavac Food Storage Set

My family eats a lot of fresh fruit!  My girls love peaches, grapes, watermelon, strawberries, apples, you name it!  However, once you cut into something, it usually goes down hill quickly!  That is why I was super excited to receive a complementary set of Ozeri Instavac Food Storage Containers with Lids to try and review for you guys in exchange for my 100% honest opinion.

Ozeri Instavac Food Storage Container Set ozeri containers

Right away I was impressed with the quality of the containers, think higher end Tupperware product!  The lids have elongated snap n seal handles that make opening and closing very easy!  I popped my grapes in and if you are like me, sometimes items get lost in my fridge, so the green date dial on the lid will be extremely helpful to me to track the number of days that I have stored my food!

container set review

The Containers are BPA-free, stain-resistant, shatter-proof and safe to use in the freezer, microwave and dishwasher.  Knowing all this, I can now throw away over half of my current collection of Tubberware which is currently not BPA-free, or has stains all over them or not safe in the freezer, microwave or dishwasher!  Plus I always want the very best for my family so anytime I can go BPA-free, I am all in!

vacuum food storage

The bottom of the containers have a wavy pattern so it keeps your fruit and veggies elevated so they are not sitting in moisture and juices and the patented valve reduces air volume so naturally occurring bacteria is less able to grow.  Both of these are helping to make your food last longer thus saving you money!  We are all about saving money, right!

When I shut the lid I could actually hear the air being sucked and whistled out, pretty cool huh!

containers that seal like a vacuum

The Ozeri Instavac Food Storage Set has a great price point of about $24.95 on Amazon and can be found HERE!

Ozeri is MAK Approved!  My grapes are still going strong!  Can’t wait to try it with meat and other food items!  Check out the Ozeri site for more info!

Let us know what you think about your Ozeri!

, ,

Grieving the Loss of a Pregnancy? Loved Baby- 31 Devotionals Giveaway

I have had someone very close to me lose a baby not once but twice.  It was one of the hardest things she has ever had to go through and I can not imagine what she must of felt during those times.  Close to one in four American women will experience the silent grief of pregnancy loss.  Can you believe that number?  One out of four?  Truth be told, you or someone you know, has experienced pregnancy loss.  That’s why getting help, especially help from above is so important!  I would of loved to of given my friend this book when she was going through her time of need, Loved Baby 31 Devotions.

Loved Baby 31 Devotions:

loved baby by sarah philpott

Mom Always Knows did receive a complementary copy of Loved Baby in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.


Helping You Grieve and Cherish Your Child After Pregnancy Loss by Sarah Philpott, PhD

In this book, Sarah shares her own story of loss and those of over 40 women (the Loved Baby Tribe) who have experienced stillbirth, miscarriages and ectopic loss.  This book is written for your heart where other books focus to care for your physical needs.  Your soul will be pampered and you will be able to mourn and cherish the lovely little life that took root in your womb.

The book is divided into 31 devotionals (chapters)  that talk about loss, Christ-filled comfort, tips to manage social media, reconnecting with your partner, nourishing your soul, grief, adoption, new pregnancy and much more.  At the end of each devotional there is a space for some “soul work” about the topic and “prayer time” to help you further reflect.

I really found inspiration reading all the stories from the “Loved Baby Tribe” ladies because they are so strong and full of peace.   Although I have never experienced the loss of a baby, I have experienced great loss in my life and reading through Loved Baby,  I was able to apply and really work through many of the devotionals/verses as well.

Loved Baby: 31 Devotions is MAK approved!

What a great gift idea for someone that might be struggling through the loss of a baby!

You can pick up a copy here on Amazon or there is a really great deal from Fashion and Compassion going on now where you can buy the book bundle a whole month prior to its release date! You will get your hands on this highly anticipated devotional by Sarah Philpott before anyone else has the opportunity.

A wonderful gift for someone you know who has lost a baby or suffered a miscarriage. The book bundle is the book Loved Baby and a beautiful bracelet. The Sterling Silver heart braclet will be a constant reminder of your precious baby & may the “loved” charm bring you peace knowing you are loved!

loved baby braclet


  • Approx. 8″ in circumference
  • Gold-Plated & Sterling Silver, Hand-hammered
  • Purposefully made by artisans in Mexico
  • All net proceeds support our work empowering women

You can read more about the bundle and/or purchase here!

Since we love Loved Baby we are giving away a copy of the book to one of our lucky readers!!

MAK Giveaway of Loved Baby 31 Devotions

Easy to enter!

Just like us on FB and you are done!  Want extra chances to win?  Sure, no problem!  See entry form below for more chances!  Good luck!  Mom Always Knows will be contacting the winner directly and sending the mail USPS.  US residents only.




The Perfect Handbag for Going to Grandma’s House in Style

Top Tier Style Leather Handbag Review

We live life on the go and are always in need of quality handbags to carry back and forth for me and the kids!  Top Tier Style contacted us to review these cute handbags and Mom Always Knows did receive them at no cost in exchange for this review but all opinions are 100% our own.

top tier style purse

My kids like to be just like me so they usually pack up their own bags when we hit the pool, the gym or their favorite place; Grandmas house.  These bags are the perfect size (30cmx50cm) for a couple of their favorite toys, PJ’s, shoes and a change of clothes.  They come in a variety of colors on the website including pink, red, silver, black, light blue, wine, gold, grey and more.

pink leather handbag

We selected the pink and light blue (more like aqua) and love them!  There is a tassel on the side and they came with cute scarfs tied on the sides that my daughters are using for their baby dolls currently but think accessorizing YOUR outfits!  The inner part of the purse is polyester and has a cell phone pocket as well for more storage!

aqua leather handbag

The website says they are leather and they sure look and feel like leather but don’t smell like leather so I can not be sure but the price point would say they were not at $25.99 since this is a rather nice size bag.  Perfect for kids or Moms on the go because at that price point, you could buy 2!

These handbags are MAK approved for sure!

Check out their site HERE!  They have lots of goodies like sunglasses, gloves, shoes, clothes, jewelry and more!


Get Ready for the Holiday Season with the Ozeri Touch II Digital Kitchen Scale

We love the holidays in my household and start preparing for them early!  With Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching and menus being discussed all across the land, one thing I know is a  good digital kitchen scale is invaluable.  They are easy to use, inexpensive, small, accurate and can convert different types of measurements for you.  If you are going to do any kind of cooking for the holiday season, it really is a must have kitchen appliance.

That’s why we were excited when we were asked to review and given a complementary Ozeri Touch II Digital Kitchen Scale to review for you.  All opinions are 100% our own and MAK strives to only bring you high quality products to review and endorse.

Review of Ozeri Touch II Digital Kitchen Scale

If you need a great little digital scale for the kitchen, The Ozeri Touch II is a great choice!  It is light-weight, runs by battery and has a large LCD display light to make it easy to read from a distance.  I especially like the sleek design and the color options you can choose from- teal, white or red.  I am a teal girl so I love the color of mine as it matches my kitchen.

This little scale can hold and weigh up to 18 lbs!  My sausage above is no match!  Can’t wait to try a turkey!  I love that it has Microban antimicrobial technology that helps prevent the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria because I do use a lot of meat!

I have seen these priced anywhere from $19.95 on Amazon to $29.95 on other sites and feel this is a fair price point for a nice quality product.  It is sturdy and does not feel cheap and flimsy like some other scales I have had in the past.  Only con, you gotta keep buying batteries!

MAK approves the  Ozeri Touch II Digital Kitchen Scale and will be using it this holiday season for sure!

P.S.  My kids left it on but the sensor automatically will turn off after a few minutes of inactivity- Bonus! : )



15% Off All Size Kids Squishy Mats for My Readers- even the 3×3 Size!

In case you didn’t read our review on the “Skinny Mini” Squishy Mat, you can catch it here.  My kids use it every day in their play room to sit on while they play barbies or watch TV.

squishy mat coupon

I was thrilled when we were given a complementary 3×3 “Little Squishy” Squishy Mat to review for ya’ll and so was my puppy Buster because this meant he could officially have the “Skinny Mini” in his kennel.

3×3 Squishy Mat Review

The 3×3 mat is so big and the perfect size for 2 kiddos as you can see.

play mat for kids

It’s got a 3/4″ memory foam center and non-skid backing so its very comfy for watching TV or changing a baby and you don’t have to worry about it sliding around on the wood floor like I have.  The top is soft and minky and has a super cool feature, the built in handle.  I love being able to fold it up neatly and throw it in the car to go with us for a trip to grandmas or day at the ball park.  Since it folds up so nicely, its easy also to store in the closet or car.

squishy mat play mat


The quality of the mats is 10 out of 10 in my opinion for sure, they are going to last.  I have even washed mine a couple of times and they look the same as they did when they arrived.  The price point , however for the 3×3 is $69.95, which is a bit high I think but the 15% discount code below will help and make it more attractive!

Enjoy!  Get your Squishy Mat now in 1 of 3 sizes:  3×3, 4×4 or 16×32.

My Readers Save 15% Off with code “USFAMILY” on all sized Squishy Mats – The world’s first baby memory foam mat that folds for quick storage and transport.

usfamily coupon squishy mat

You can get your own Squishy Mat HERE!


Who Doesn’t like Surprises in a bag? SURPRIZAMALS Stuffed Animal Review

Surprizamals- Which one will you get?


I am always looking for cute little gifts for my kids that can be used for behavior rewards in our treasure box at home or “just because” gifts that don’t break the bank.  I also look for stocking stuffers year round and little things to throw in goodie bags or gift bags when the girls have their own birthday parties or attend them.  I was so excited when we received some Surprizamals to review for y’all so I could see if these little stuffed balls would make the grade!  Of course all opinions are my own.

blind bag stuffed animals

Most kids today have heard of the “blind bag” and love the concept and my kids are no strangers, they love it!  They were so excited to get their Surprizamals and quickly opened the mailing bag and divided them up so that they each got the same amount.  Pop open the round red egg they come in and bam, you open up a super soft quality plush little stuffed animal.  They are not in a “blind bag” but the red egg needs to be popped open to see what is inside and you won’t know what Surprizamals are in your set until you open them.  How fun, especially to a young child!

stuffed animal for kids

There are 4 series (similar to seasons) currently and among them there are common, rare, ultra rare and limited edition Surprizamals to collect.  My girls started playing with them right away and trading each other to get the ones they wanted.  Made by Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co, the “Cuties” are 2″ tall and “Wackys” are 4″ tall.  Zach the Zebra, Lola the Lady bug and Penny the Penguin are just a few of the cute little Surprizamals that you can collect.


Christmas is right around the corner so you might want to keep these in mind as they are sure to be a big hit.  You can pick them up at Toys R Us, Walmart of other toy retailers as well as the Surprizamals website here.

SURPRIZAMALS are MAK approved!




How My Kids Became Fearless Learners over the Summer

Summer is meant to be fun for kids! We played, swam, toured and rested!  However, something that is very important in my household is learning, especially year round!  There is such a gap between when school lets out in May to when the kids go back in the fall!  We did our best with short lessons and learning sessions but I needed something more!  I didn’t want my kids to forget everything they had learned at school over the summer so I was so excited to receive 1 month free membership and tutoring from Explore Horizons in exchange for this review!

My Kids became fearless learners at Explore Horizons

Explore Horizons provide enrichment and tutoring in math, reading and writing, for children of all abilities in Pre-K to 8th grade. Their specialty is elementary & middle school education, so I was very excited to get my girls in as I have one starting Pre-K and one starting Kinder in the fall.

We had a great experience at Explore Horizons from start to finish!  Our first step was the free in-person assessment.  When you arrive at the center, you are greeted by a tutor at the door and sign in!  Everyone is always so friendly and welcoming and knows your child!  That is comforting for sure!  tutoring for kids


At the parent assessment we talked about my girls requirements, met the tutors and staff and toured the center.  It took about an hour and all my questions were answered!  The girls were even asked about their likes, dislikes, interests, etc.  They felt very important.  : )explore horizons parent assessment

My kids were excited, to say the least, about the chance to earn prizes in exchange for “lizard cards” and the board game on the wall.  If they ask questions or for help they get to move their game piece at the end of the session.  Same with the “lizard cards” which were earned at the end of each tutoring session.  What a great way to engage the kids in play while they learn!  When you make learning fun, the sky is the limit!

learning for kids make it fun

explore horizons prize cabinet


As a busy Mom, I never know what my schedule will be from week to week so the ability to come in twice a week anytime with no appointment was truly a benefit.  Another plus is since you drop them off and the session last 75 minutes that is ample amount of time to run to the grocery store, pay some bills or take care of whatever errands you might have kid-free!

My daughters are different ages and at different stages of learning so I love that Explore Horizons provides an individualized learning plan for each child. They use a range of fantastic online tools and can really tailor it to suit your child.  They track your child’s progress and each time they come back to the center, they are able to sign in and pick up where they left off.  My kids love that their lessons were on the computer and being computer savvy we all know is a plus these days as well!

tutoring for pre-k

tutoring for kinder

The Tutor to student ratio is 6:1 so 1 tutor is available to help 6 kids if they need help.  The tutors stay in one station and help all the kids sitting in those stations with whatever they are working on.

When you arrive to pick up your kids, you are given an assessment card of what they did that day and what area they might of had trouble in or need work in so you can help at home too!  My kids favorite part of the day was the handing out of the famous lizard cards as well as seen below which are filled with more learning tips front and back and redeemable for prizes also once you get so many.  At the end of each session, you usually earn 3 or 4 of these as well.

explore horizons session card

Explore Horizons Lizard card

Final Assessment of Explore Horizons:

Explore Horizons is the perfect partner for academic success.  My kids were excited to go to each one of their sessions this summer and learned several things.  I feel it helped them gain confidence to prepare them to be ready to go back to school!  We will for sure keep Explore Horizons in mind if and when my kids start to slide backwards in school or just need an extra boost as they progress through their school career!  I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a tutoring center for their kids!

Their programs teach children to:

* Define Problems
* Ask Questions
* Hunt for Answers
* Capture Thoughts Clearly
* Tackle Tests Fearlessly
* Exude Confidence

Why not schedule a free in-person assessment at your nearest Explore Horizons tutoring center, and find out how they can help your child become a fearless learner. Find out more at Explore Horizons today!

Want to save $50 on tutoring?

Just for my awesome MAK readers from US Family Coupons —Hurry expires 9/30/2017- Back to School Coupon!!
Join Explore Horizons before Sept 30th and save $50 on registration.  Here is a link to the COUPON!

Want more back to school tips?  Check out our Questions about Starting Kinder!


Brighten up Your Life-Loftek LED Cube Light Review & Giveaway

These LED cubes are so cool!

I am seriously going to get another one!  We did receive a complimentary cube from Loftek to review for you guys but all opinions are 100% my own.  They have so many practical uses  and they all entail FUN FUN FUN.

Loftek LED Cube Light Review

First off, There are 16 different RGB colors and they are bright and pretty colors like purple, green,  and white just to name a few.  Secondly you can set it to flash on whatever color you want, it has 4 different lighting modes.  It’s even remote-controllable or you can turn it off and on from the bottom of the cube.  Easy to work, rechargeable, and comes with an included AC adapter.

Loftek LED Cube Light

They come in 8 sizes as follows:  Ball 8″, Cube 8″, Ball 12″, Cube 12″, Pyramid 12″, Stump 13″, Ball 16″ & Cube 16″.

With a $39.99 price point there is truly something for everyone!  We got the Cube 12″ and it’s the perfect size.

My kids loved their cube right from the start and carried it from room to room testing out the different colors and modes.  It is so lightweight that I was not worried about them carrying it or dropping it.  I felt this product was very nice quality and it is housed in a eco-friendly acrylic cube that supports up to 300 pounds standing or sitting on it!! What?!?!  If it can support 300 pounds, you know it must be good quality!

 LED Cube Light Review

Totally waterproof and safe for indoors and outdoor use and free of UV, IR, lead, mercury and other toxic elements (claims their website) so you can feel good about your kiddo and family being around them.

This item quickly gained 2 purposes at my house.  First a mantle in my husbands man cave and 2nd a night light for my kids room.  My Hubby loves his cube and plays with it outside, especially at night and the kids ask for it at night also.  Just imagine a pool party or outside event in the dark and having a couple of these at the pool or table side!  How neat!  These would be great for the kids to take camping or use for nightlights like my kids do as well at bedtime!

 LED Cube Light

MAK approved for sure!  You can pick up your own cube HERE on Amazon and make sure you check out Loftek’s other products also!

 LED light remote control

We love these and want you to have a cube of your own too!  Mom Always Knows and Loftek are Co-Hosting the Brighten Up Your Life GIVEAWAY!  Yes Giveaway time!  Simply follow us on FB (mandatory) for your chance to win your very own 8″ Ball or Cube!  There are extra ways to gain entries also!

Product will be shipped directly from Loftek to 1 lucky winner!  Good luck!

Want more giveaways?  Check out our current ones HERE!





God Bless My School By Hannah C. Hall & Illustrated by Steve Whitlow Children’s Book Review

In the spirit of schools about to start all over America, we thought this would be a great book to review this week!  We did receive a complementary copy of the book to review for ya’ll from BookLook Bloggers and we are sure glad we did!

God Bless My School – A Great Back to School Book!

This rhyming children’s board book is a wonderful tale of preparing little ones for school.  Different types of animals are all getting their little ones ready for school with one common theme, God is always with you.  Kids ages 2-7 will love and relate to this book.

God Bless my school book

I’ve got my crayons, glue, and paint. My backpack’s zipped-up full. Today’s the day I get to say, “It’s time to go to school!”  What a great way to show a child what school is about if they have never been or get one excited that is going back!  My girls asked lots of questions so I was able to explain to them about what their school day would look like.  We love books that create open dialogue like this with our kids!

This post contains affiliate links from Amazon, clicking on them costs you nothing.


The illustrations are precious with bright colors and sweet animals (ducks, owls, raccoons) that your kids will love!  Nap time, the playground and class room scenes are all depicted.  The most important part of the book is God and that he is always with us, even at school.

We give this book 5 out of 5 stars and is MAK approved for sure!

You can get your very own copy on Amazon HERE!

Want more MAK book reviews?  The Little Beginners Bible!



Squishy Mats- The Perfect Mat for all- Our Review

Every one in my family loved the Squishy Mat!

We did get a free Skinny Mini Squishy Mat to try for you guys but all opinions are 100% our own!

squishy mat for kid

This mat is just what it sounds like.  Squishy!!  Each kind (Skinny Mini, Big Squishy, Little Squishy) comes with a built in handle so you can easily store and travel with it as well!  The middle is perfect with one inch of memory form and is super soft!  Think no more sitting on the hard floor playing with the baby or if you are traveling and need a safe and clean place to change the baby!

squishy mat for dog

The backing is a nonslip rubber grid so don’t worry about sliding on the floor!  I was impressed with the quality of this product compared with others that I have seen!   Its not cheapy cheapy, I can tell this would hold up getting tossed around at my house for sure!

playing on squishy mat

The top is plush minky fabric and the back, like I said, non-skid backing but my kids (and dog) liked both sides.  The best part, this is easy to clean, just throw it in the washing machine!  Easy!

Some ideas for your Squishy Mat:

  • baby yoga
  • concerts in the park
  • great picnic blankets
  • tumble mats,
  • dog beds
  • Changing pads
  • Family Time for all
  • Airplane/vacation/travel

best mat for baby

Even Snow White loves the Squishy Mat!  Enjoy all!  This item is MAK approved for sure!

My Readers Save 15% Off with code “USFAMILY” on all sized Squishy Mats – The world’s first baby memory foam mat that folds for quick storage and transport.

You can get your own Squishy Mat HERE!





Zoobooks- Cater to your Child’s Love for Animals- Review and Giveaway

How cute are these  Zoobooks!    With our ranch adventure last week (you can read about it here) I thought this was a great time to post my review on the Zoobooks I had received.   I love reading to my kids so I was happy to check this out!  We did receive a few magazines at no cost to bring you fine mamas this review!

Does your child love animals?  

Would you like a one-stop-shop resource for your child to have for their animal obsession?  Then you might want to think about getting a subscription to  Zoobooks!

zoobooks for kids

The books are like magazines for kids and each Zoobooks is colorful and vibrant in its  photography and explains things like anatomy, habitat, socialization, etc of an animal or group in an easy-to-understand way for kids. 

 Wildlife Education, Ltd., established in 1980, publishes Zoobooks which include the following breakdown:

  • Zootles, for younger readers 3 to 6 years old, launched in 2005

  • Zoobies, for the littlest learners 0 to 3 years old, launched  in 2008

  • Critters Up Close, durable board books about animals for young explorers 0 to 6 years old.

zootles and zoobies

They also have digital subscriptions, a Secret Jungle website with just-for-kids animal games, puzzles and quizzes as well as an e-Safari email adventures that trek to the best animal sites on the web.  How cool is that!

Zoobooks, Zootles and Zoobies can be found in homes, schools and libraries around the world. You can buy them by subscription or by single editions in the Zoobooks web store,  in select bookstores and in finer zoo, museum, aquarium and park gift shops and specialty retailers around the country.

My kids loved reading their Zoobooks which happen to be about Orangutans!  We also were able to read the Zootles issue about Tigers which included a huge poster inside of a Tiger and even stickers!  As a Mom, I love that the issues include a letter and number to learn about, activity pages for kids and a resource corner for grown-ups.  They were a huge hit at my house.  I also like that they paper they use for the magazine and pages is not thin so it can take some abuse which it is more than likely prone to happen too at your house, like it is mine!

best magazine for kids

This is a nifty little magazine for kids and is MAK approved!  Check them out!

Guess What!  We love Zoobooks so much that we are Co-Sponsoring a Giveaway with Wildlife Education Ltd!  3 Lucky readers will win a 1-yr subscribtion to Zoobooks!

You will be able to pick which Zoobooks you would like (Zoobooks, Zootles and Zoobies.)

You don’t want to miss this one!!  Good Luck!  As always, please read our disclaimer and terms/conditions here.

Want more cool kids stuff?  Read our review of  The Cook with Colours Cookbook here!


A Children’s Book Review: The Beginner’s Bible for Little Ones By Zondervan

The  Beginner’s Bible for Little Ones is sure to delight!

We did receive a complimentary book to review, however, all opinions are 100% our own!

This padded board book is put together with our little ones in mind as it is sturdy!  We all know that is important when dealing with those little ANGELS! Lots of colorful pictures to keep them engaged so they can learn the basic facts of eight stories from both the Old and New Testament.  Best for ages 2-4 but a great learning tool for all, for sure!  An idea for your household-  have older siblings read and teach it to the littles!  What fun!

the beginner's bible for little ones

The stories:

  • The Beginning
  • Noah’s Ark
  • The Mean Giant
  • Daniel and the Lions
  • An Angel Visits Mary
  • Baby Jesus is Born
  • Jesus Feeds Thousands
  • Jesus is Alive

Each story is simple and about 4 pages long.  Very easy to understand and great conversation starters for you, as the parent, to have with your child.  If you want to go into more depth, there is certainly opportunity.

The Beginner’s Bible® has been a favorite with young children and their parents since its release in 1989 with over 25 million copies sold. With over five million copies sold, The Beginner’s Bible® is the bestselling Bible storybook of our time. Now there’s a condensed version for active little ones to take with them wherever they go.

We can certainly see how this book has been around for so long and is for sure MAK approved!

Blessings all!

You can pick up a copy HERE!


**This review contains affiliate links from our Amazon partners, clicking them cost your nothing except you if purchase the product and helps support our blog.


Teach your Kids to Cook Easy and Healthy Recipes with Cook By Colours Cookbook

Disclosure: Thanks to  Cook By Colours  for sponsoring this post.  The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

As a Mom, I am always thinking of all the things that I will need to teach my girls and that I really don’t have that many years to do it!  Ever feel like time goes too fast and is so precious? Just think about it for a minute, think about all the many lessons and skills and responsibilities that you are responsible for teaching to your child.  Whoa!  Before you get too overwhelmed, relax,we have found a way to help you teach your kids a very important and life long skill, to cook!Cook By Colours

Yes, to cook!  My kids need to know how to cook, especially since they are girls.

What child doesn’t love spending time in the kitchen with you when you are preparing meals or baking something yummy?  I know my girls sure do!  This is why we were so excited when we were asked to review the cookbook, Cook by Colours.  Yes, I spelled it right!  The company started in Canada in 2015 and is just now launching in the USA so they are keeping it true to their Alma Mater so to say.

Cook By Colors cookbook

The Cookbook arrived in a nice colorful box packaged safe and sound.  The cookbook itself is a large, easy to read hardback so its safe for those tiny little grimy hands.  The color-coded cups and spoons are strong, vibrant and dishwasher safe.  The company also provides a 5 year warranty on them if you register them!  Wow!  That’s a great deal.  Does Walmart even do that for their measuring cups??

best cookbook for kidscolor coded measuring cups

The book is over 135 pages and hosts 25 recipes that fall under either breakfast, drink, sides & starters, entrees, and snacks & desserts. Something for every little mess maker ages 2- 8 for sure.  I absolutely love that the book starts out with talking about the importance of teaching kids the basics of nutrition and how the skills they learn in this cookbook are skills they will use for a lifetime.  The recipes are all healthy and there is a letter from a registered dietitian endorsing the book and its recipes!safe cooking for kids

Another thing the cook book talks about is the importance of hygiene and safety rules where the kitchen is involved.  My girls and I talked about washing our hands and how dangerous things can be in the kitchen if not used properly.  It was a great learning experience for them.  Of course, repeat, repeat repeat.  I know a knife is sharp because I have a lifetime of knowledge and I know how things work, but they don’t.  That is my job to teach them, show them, mold them!  Hey, if we have fun doing it, all the better!

teaching kids to cook

I want to instill healthy values and habits in my girls and this cookbook offered many ways right off the bat for us to have fun conversations around the table while we had fun!  We decided to make the Peanut Butter Cookies, one of our favorites, so we were happy that it was in there!  I love how animated the cartoon illustrations are, truly attention grabbing!

cookie recipe for kids

There are no words, just pictures, so with the help of an adult; the child can make the recipe themselves!  How great is this for their self-esteem! Kids of all ages can benefit from measuring, identifying colors, learning their way around the kitchen and spending some good ole quality family time together!

teach child to cook

Daddy loves chocolate chips so we did add them to the recipe at the very end but hey, let those little learners use their creativity, right!  The girls worked their way down the pages, line by line, working each step.  It was so fun working with them in the kitchen and they were so happy that they were actually able to understand the book and make something.

help kids learn to cook

Tip- The recipe made so many cookies so next time I would make a half batch of this recipe if it was just for us but it would of been great if we needed cookies for a class or church function.

cook with my kids

Viola, the finished product!  We put several in little baggies and shared with our neighbors!  They turned out delicious!  The best part was the fun I had in the kitchen with my kids.  I can’t wait to try another recipe next week!  Should it be the Monster Meat Muffins or the Panda Rice Pudding?  Let me know below what y’all think!

MAK Approved!  Happy cooking! : )

The price point is a real value for $35 plus free shipping!  You can get your own Cook by Colours set here on Amazon here!


**MAK did receive a free cookbook and compensation in exchange for this review but all opinions are 100% our own.







Review of Weekly Whiteboard Magnetic Dry Erase Board Planner for Busy Families

Okay, I love easy in my household and sometimes I am considered old school or at least slow to come around!  That being said I still have a paper planner, oh yes I do!  I have not updated yet to keeping my schedule on the fancy palm thingy when they were popular or on an app or on my iphone.  I like being able to write something down and pull it out to look at it.  I do from time to time use the online methods of scheduling, like my Cozi App, but I love writing things down!

That’s why when we were asked to review this Weekly Whiteboard Planner, a 17×12″ magnetic dry erase board for my fridge, I was more then happy to.

Right up my alley!

We did receive one of these to try as you can see pictured below and compensation for this post but all options are 100% my own!

This post contains affiliate links to help support our blog as well.

review of dry erase calendar

 I talk frequently about being busy and I am sure you are too!  Who isn’t!  There is dry cleaning to pick up, swimming lessons, doctor appointments, dog grooming, tutoring lessons, play dates, girl nights, date nights, family dinners and the list goes on and on.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way that all of life’s chaotic moments could be displayed for everyone to see neatly in one place?  Well now there is with the Flat Harmony Whiteboard Magnetic Dry Erase Board Planner!   

calendar I can erase

Here are just a few reasons we love using this!  

  • Quality of the piece itself and the strength of the magnet!  The markers are great and the backside of the markers each have their own little eraser so if you mess up!  Viola!  Start over! 
  • They offer a lifetime warranty on the product!
  • Great price point of just $15.97 plus shipping.  Shipping is free is you spend over $25.
  •  Each new week, you can start all over again! 
  • Display on Fridge, Filing cabinet or any place a magnet will hold.
  • Really helps me organize my week, I can see it, all there, all the time, any time.

calendar for busy family


Here are some ideas that can help you, MOM:

  • Color code-  Red is for Dad’s schedule, Blue is for Bob, Black is for Sara etc.
  • Make it routine that everyone looks at the calendar each morning before they head out so they know what the day’s activities entails.
  • Use the bottom section which is labeled “Notes” for extra encouragement or reminders to your family or self.  This is a huge help to us!!
  • Keep in a central place, so everyone can and will see it.

You won’t be disappointed by the design or versatility of this calendar!  I came in the kitchen the other day and found my kids coloring on it!  No worries, I just eraresed it, and went back to what I was doing!  Easy!  MAK approved for sure!

You can order your own on Amazon here!  Mine came in just 2 days of ordering!

weekly dry erase planner

magnetic whiteboard plannerbest magnetic plannermagnetic weekly planner cost


, ,

Watchitude Slap Watch Review & Giveaway for Kids

Who doesn’t love the little slap bracelets that took us by storm a few years back!  They are so fun to play with and admit it, you have probably been known to play with your kids slappy thing a time or two!  The quality, however, is not the greatest on SOME of them so I was excited when we were asked to review an up and coming brand called Watchitude,  maker of the coolest little slap watches!  Not only is it a slap bracelet but also a watch.  Actually it is both, Intrigued?  Keep reading!

Mom Always Knows did receive 2 little mermaid watches that you see pictured below in exchange for this review but we have to try out the products that we bring you for review!

Watchitude mermaid

Kids ages 4-12 will love the fun they can have and can pick from over 100 amazing designs available on the Watchitude website!

Look at those colors!  They are bright and vivid, one of the first things I noticed when I pulled mine out of the box!  They have a patent pending process that creates a hi gloss, durable finish of a beautifully printed image on the slap watch band and face so that it never fades or peels.

Watchitude slap watch review

With a daughter entering Kinder this fall, she is starting to ask questions about time!  She likes wearing this because its fun to play with and she loves the mermaids!  I like the educational value it brings because she is asking me what time it is so we can talk about it together!  Both girl and boy designs are available and so many different styles to choose from!  A very cool thing I liked about it as well is that all of the items are mix and match. The watches actually slide off the band so you can wear just the band if you like or put the watch on a different band if you bought different styles.  Great for a kid who likes to show off their attitude like mine do!

best slap watch

I was very impressed by the quality of the band and the watch on these!  Especially like I said, so many of the slap bracelets of the past, were not very good quality! These are made of 100% virgin white silicone, certified safe and completely lead-free, and in compliance with California prop 65 safety guidelines. It is also a thick and comfortable band, and very easy for kids of all ages to put them on, including people with some physical challenges, as there are no small buckles to navigate.  I even wore it for a bit (lol) and it fit me nice and fine so if you are interested Mamas…… : )

slap watch for kids

Always a great gift idea for birthdays and holidays, for your children, grandchildren, and all the kids that are special to you!  The price point starts at $21.99 so a good value for the quality and item you are getting!

This item is MAK approved!

Want your own Watchitude Slap Watch?  You are in luck!  We are having a GIVEAWAY!

slap watch giveaway

One lucky reader will win a slap watch of your choice valued at $21.99-24.99 (there are many styles to choose from.)


It’s easy to enter!

  1.  Like us on FB here!
  2. Like Watchitude on FB here!
  3. Make sure you tell your friends to enter!

Make sure you read our disclaimer for complete rules on giveaways.  Good luck!

cool watches for child



Make Life Brighter Review & Giveaway: Light box Arts Light box – Merry Christmas Ornament

Hey y’all!  So these little light boxes from Light box Arts are so cool!  Ever buy home decor from the store and you’re just stuck with it?  You put it somewhere and it works for the season or for your mood but then in a few months you have to put it away.  Not anymore!  You can change the designs on these!  They literally have hundreds of unique art designs to choose from to fit your space and mood!

Light Boxes from Light Box Art are so Cool!

light box arts


We were so excited when we were contacted to review this item for you guys.  The first step was to browse the site and pick the light box and design I wanted.  The website is so easy to navigate.  You can pick if you want just a light box or a box with a design or just a design.  The price point is $12 for designs only and around $20 if you want the box with the art design.  They have several categories to choose from such as inspirational, man cave, office, love, best-sellers, seasonal, kitchen, kids room or you can even design your own!!

light box christmas

I love Christmas and am always looking for awesome decor so I picked the “Merry Christmas Ornament” artwork design with a gray box since we are totally in to gray right now.  We did receive a free light box from Light box Arts to review for you guys but opinions are 100% my own for this review.

The box arrived in a few days packaged nice, neat and safe.  Think cube, because the box is in the shape of a cube and measures about 5x5x2.

best light box

My kids thought they were very cool and wanted one for their rooms!  We probably will order some more because I like easy!  I like things that don’t plug in!  These light boxes are sturdy MDF LED back-lit cubes that take 2 AAA batteries!  Pop in the battery’s and you are ready to go or if you don’t want the back-lit, that’s fine too.

As a mom though, I immediately think night light for the kids room! : )  At this price point, these would make great baby shower or birthday party gifts as well!  The designs on their website for kids are adorable, check them out here.

light box review


Talking about easy, how easy is it to slide out a design and slide a new one in?  Bam, you have changed your decor!  No longer will I have to put this pretty little guy up January 1st after Christmas!  I can use it all year round provided I have another design to go in there!  Here is how they slide out and what the back-lit looks like.  The designs are a little fragile so just be careful when sliding in and out, you don’t want to bend them.

neat christmas decor

Now what design should I get next?  That is the question!  Check out their site and give me some suggestions!  I am really digging their Man Cave selection.  I think my husband would love it!

gray lightbox

These little Light boxes are MAK approved!

Want your own LIGHT BOX?  There are so many to choose from!

23978-white-box-lightboxarts23982-white-box-lightboxartslight box by light box art

We are co-hosting the Make Life Brighter Giveaway!  One lucky reader will win their own Light box!  You will be able to pick any light box from Light box Arts or you can even design you own.

What are you waiting for!  Enter now below in the contest box!

Rules to enter:

  1. Like Mom Always Knows on Facebook here.
  2. Like Light Box Arts on Facebook here.


As always, please read our disclaimer and terms/conditions here.




BabysWatch Handcrafted Bracelet Designed to Look like a Watch for Kids Review

Calling all watch lovers…well kind of… calling all bracelet lovers!

Have you ever seen such a cute little thing? BabysWatch is a handcrafted bracelet designed to look like a wristwatch made especially for kids ages 0-6.

handcrafted bracelet

The MAK team was so excited when we were asked to review this product and although we did receive the cutest little bracelets to keep in exchange for our review, our opinions are 100% our own that we are sharing with you!

There are several different designs for girls and boys on the website to chose from so me being a shabby chic lover, I picked the Flower Navy and the Boston Tree designs.  Can you say cuuuuuttttte?  I loved the packaging that they came in and my girls were very excited to get them as well!  The first think my youngest said was how soft and cushy her bracelet was!

Features from the website.

  • Cotton bracelet designed to look like a wristwatch.
  • Handmade with 100% organic and chemical-free cotton fabric that is ultra soft, breathable and nonirritating against your baby’s skin.
  • BPA free, latex free, phthalate free and lead free.
  • Graphics are printed in high definition resolution. Sophisticated styling allows your little one to transition from the daily grind to the fancy evening ball effortlessly.
  • Hand wash cold and air dry. Not recommended for teething. One-size-fits-all for ages 0 to 6.

babyswatch for kids

As a mom, anything you can throw in the washer is a bonus as we all know how DIRTY our kids are!  It will be nice to be able to keep these looking clean and know that the graphics are high def, so washing won’t fade the bracelets!

BPA anyone?  It’s big talk lately.  So rest assured, BPA free, latex free etc.

Comfort to me and my kids is probably one of the most important things when picking out a piece of jewelry or clothing!  100% organic cotton fabric and breathable…you can’t go wrong!  They really are super soft and amazing!

Moms with little ones ages 1-3, this would be a super piece for you.  It is not recommended for teething but its a great way to introduce colors and numbers to your child and they will love wearing it to be like “Mom” or an older sibling who might already wear a watch for real.

cute watches for kids

It fit my 5 1/2 yr old just fine (pictured above.)  She accessorized it as you can see with a matching aqua shirt (our favorite color.)  She does prefer a real watch but since she doesn’t know how to tell time yet anyway, this is a great starter watch to start having conversations about numbers and telling time as well.

These little bracelets make great baby shower or birthday gifts and are available for a great price point of $14.99 on Babyswatch’s website or Amazon below (affiliate links to help support our blog.)

MAK approved!  Super Cute!  Get some! Here are just a few options below but remember they have so many designs for girls and boys too!

gift idea for babies jewelry


Little Dress Up Shop.com Review & Christmas In July Amazing Giveaway

As a little girl I loved to dress up in my moms clothes and play dress up.  I would play for hours and be many great things….a Princess, a Teacher, a Bride… whatever my little imagination could come up with!  I don’t think the apple falls too far from the tree as I have two little girls who not a day goes by that they don’t dress up as something.  A Doctor, a Hairdresser, a Veterinarian; but their all time favorite thing to do is princess play and princess dress!  Oh the delightful times and tea parties they have! : )

We love playing dress up!

I was so excited when I was asked to write a review on the most adorable princess dresses from Little Dress Up Shop.com.  Although we did receive the dresses pictured below in exchange for this review, opinions are 100% my own and I enjoyed writing this review for you!

My girls waited and asked everyday when the mailman came if their dresses were here!  They were so excited to get them.  I was impressed how they were packaged and how quickly they shipped when ordered.  The site offers free shipping always to the USA!

We were sent the following items to try on and play:

  • Deluxe White Fairy Wings

  • Teal Blue flower Fairy Costume

  • Deluxe Sparkle Pink Princess dressLittle Dress Up Shop.com reviewLittle Dress Up Shop.com


As a Mom and primary consumer of these types of item for my household I am always looking for a few things- Comfort, look and Ease.  What I mean by this is,  Will my kids be comfortable?   Is it cute and stylish?  Will it be easy for me to take care of and not fall apart after I wash?

Let’s find out!  But first the fun stuff.

Little Dress Up Shop.com fairy dressLittle Dress Up Shop.com princess dress


Of course the pink dress was for Chloe but she wanted (as always) what big sister had so they switched.  Luckily they are a size apart and often times I can make things work and in this case it did.  Nothing better than playing with our country’s FLAG, after all, it was 4th of July weekend here in the great state of Texas! : )

cute princess dress for girlpink princess dress for child

My girls had so much fun that day playing in the fairy and princess dress and actually all weekend! We look forward to many good times in them!  Not only can we use them all year round but for play dates with friends, Halloween and dress up days at school!  I was impressed by the detail on the dresses, especially the pink one.

princess dress giveawaykid holding american flagprincess dress up


The website boasts that the dresses “won’t shed glitter in your machine and all over your house.” They were 100% correct.  I have had the dresses several days and washed them and no glitter. Several of the dresses we have had in the past, from other places, have problems with glitter and items falling off of the dresses/outfits!

glitter free princess dresspurple and blue fairy dress


The moment of truth has arrived.  

I asked my girls if they loved their dresses and if they were comfortable and they both said YES.  Check√

They passed my washer test.  No pieces or glitter came off in the wash and the dresses still look brand new.  Check√

Last but not least, are the dresses cute and stylish?  Well, you can see from yourself that they are and my girls said YES YES Yes.  Check√

If you love the two items my girls are pictured in, you are in luck!  They are part of the FLASH SALE going on this month on  July 11th so make sure you save the date and head over to Little Dress Up Shop.com.  Luckily for us all they are having a Christmas in July sale from July 5-25 sitewite no exclusions so these are good even on sale priced items, clearance items and discounted. Wow!  Here are some codes you will need and remember free shipping all the time!

  • use code JULYJOY5 FOR $5 OFF $35

  • use code JULYJOY10 FOR $10 OFF $70

  • If you tweet— #princessflashsale  #julychristmasdressups

Since we love holidays at MAK and 4th of July is drawing to a close, we have decided to partner with Little Dress Up Shop for a Christmas in July joint giveaway!

♥Christmas in July Princess Dress (or gift card) Giveaway♥

little dress up shop review





Does your little girl or boy love to play dress up?!  Yes, they have several things for boys too (Go here to look!)  Going to DISNEY soon?

Well,we are giving away to 1 lucky reader the following:

Your choice (If you win, let us know which one you would like below)

  • one free “Traditional” Princess dress (View here)  Think Disney!!!!


  • $30 Gift card for boys.  Think Policeman, Chef etc!!

white fairy wingsmom always knowsmom knows best


It is super easy to enter!

  1. Head on over to Little Dress Shop’s Facebook page and like them HERE!
  2. Head on over to Mom Always Knows Facebook page and like us HERE!

Or you can enter by clicking on the links below on the entry form!  Good luck and Happy Playing!

Make sure you visit our disclaimer here!


One last pout—little girl pouting
 As Always, Blessings!

Product Review- Truewhite Advanced Care Brite Sonic Toothbrush with 14 Brush heads

My husband often gets the perks of my job!  In this case, he was a very happy camper!  I already have an electric toothbrush so he was so excited to try this one and provide my awesome readers with his honest opinion!  Unless you have been living under a rock, you have seen the many different types of toothbrushes at the store and it can be very confusing as they all claim to have different benefits.

Product Review of a Sonic Toothbrush

*I received a TrueWhite Brite Sonic Brush pictured below in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.sonic toothbrush with heads

Basically an electric toothbrush vs. a plain one offers this-  A manual toothbrush must be pulled, and then pushed, back and forth across the teeth. An electric toothbrush can do all of the cleaning in just one pass. Simply place the brush against the teeth and slowly pull it along the tooth surface. The vibrating head will move, up to, 36,000 strokes per minute as it passes by each tooth. Thus cleaning much more effectively then several passes of a manual brush.

Truewhite Advanced Care Sonic Toothbrush with 14 Brush heads

Available in black and white.  We picked the white set to review.  The toothbrush set was packaged very nice and neat in a shiny white box.  We were very impressed that it came with 14 extra brush heads and a brush handle.  It charges at home on a charging base and comes with an usb charging travel case as well for when you want to take it with you.

true white toothbrush


My husband has now been using this toothbrush for 4 weeks so that he could make a fair review of the product.  Our review of the product is as follows:

  • Feels like his teeth have been cleaned by the dentist each time he uses this toothbrush.  It is providing a very high-quality brushing.  His mouth feels very clean after each use.
  • He loves the small sleek design and light weight design.
  • He has used my brand name (and expensive) electric toothbrush and says this one can definitely hang with mine.
  • He likes the price point of under $50 for this toothbrush.  He says this is a great value for what you get.
  • He loves the special angled bristles of the TrueWhite Brite Sonic Toothbrush and believes it has been effective at removing plaque and whitening his teeth.


There are 5 different cleaning modes for this toothbrush as follows:

The Clean Mode has a standard two-minute auto timer for an exceptional everyday clean through its sonic vibrations that allows 37,000 brush strokes per minute, which removes plaque and bacteria left behind by other toothbrushes especially in hard to reach areas.

Another 2 minutes of Whitening Mode is included to remove surface stains that ranges from 31,000-35,000 brush strokes per minute, with an additional 30 seconds to focus on brightening and polishing the front teeth.

Two additional modes are added for Gum Care and Massage to clean and gently stimulate and massage gums for a whole minute and increase blood flow to help improve body defenses against gum infection. These modes reach up to 35,000 – 40,000 brush strokes per minute.

And finally, a mode for people with Sensitive teeth is added to provide gentle teeth and gum cleaning and help protect the oral area that needs sensitive care. It has 35,000 brush strokes per minute.

My husband has sensitive teeth and is always trying new ways to whiten them and has been very impressed overall with this toothbrush!  MAK approved!  If you would like to purchase one, please check it out here or from one of our Amazon partners below.  If you purchase from our partners at Amazon, we do receive a small commission to help  support our blog so thanks in advance!


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Mom Hack- Review IntelliDent Toothbrush & Mouth Guard Shield

Traveling this 4th of July or summer?  We are and I am always looking for ways to ease the pain of packing! Being Mom, the responsibility falls on you whether it’s packing for the week, weekend or even an overnight.  Well this little hack can make your life easier- and cleaner!

Mom Hack—- IntelliDent Toothbrush Shield and Mouth Guard Shields.

We all take toothbrushes/mouth guards with us when we travel but how do you transport them?  Do you have one of those plastic cases?  Do you put them in a Ziploc baggy?  Whatever your method is, I promise you, it is not clean.

*I received a set of the pictured Intellident Toothbrush and Mouth guard Shields in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Studies have shown that plastic caps and covers retain moisture and constrict air flow making them a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.  The Center for Disease Control discourages the use of plastic covers.    A damp dental device stored in a dark place can breed germs also leading to risk of contamination.  Yuck!

The IntelliDent Toothbrush Shield was tested to be a 99.9% effective barrier against airborne and surface bacteria, by the Nelson Laboratories, Salt Lake City, UT.  Nelson Laboratories is a leading provider of full, life-cycle microbiology testing for the medical device, pharmaceutical, and natural product industries.

The Toothbrush and Mouth Guard shields come in boxes of 10 or 12 (1 shield last 7 days)  and can be purchased at Rite Aid & Walgreen’s Stores.  Wal-Mart sells the Toothbrush Shields at $1.96 a box so they are actually less cost then your traditional yucky plastic cover since there are 10 in a box.  They are small, light and perfect for travel.  Just open wrapper and put on toothbrush or mouth piece.  Easy Peasy!

Available also online at Walmart.comWalgreens.comQVC.com .

MAK approved.  We use Intellident Toothbrush Shields and it is so much easier then having to remember if I cleaned my plastic toothbrush case (for all 4 of us) or not the last time we used them.  They also take up less room in my make up bag then the plastic containers did so that is a plus!

What are you waiting for!  Go get one!

Check out our review of Truewhite Sonic Toothbrush HERE!




Children’s Book Review: My Lift-the-Flap BIBLE Stories By Thomas Nelson, Illustrated by Gill Guile

Looking for great bible stories for kids?

This special children’s book is a collection of 13 bible stories for kids which will hold their attention with amazing pictures and fun flaps to look under.  Mom Always Knows did receive a free book in order to bring you this review.  All ages will appreciate and relate to this story but especially ages 2-7!  Every page has a fun flap to open and some even have two!   Your kids will be amazed when they hear the story of creation or how Noah built his amazing ark!  What’s more fun then being able to open up a flap and see what is inside of the ark?

My Lift-the-Flap BIBLE Stories review

My Lift-the-Flap Bible Stories is a board book(awesome so no pages will get messed up.)  I know we appreciate that because my kids get excited sometimes and accidents happen!  The illustrations are colorful, descriptive and large so your child’s imagination can run wild while you have fun family time and learn about the bible together.  These early learning times are so important to plant that early seed in our little learners.  This book is a perfect tool!

best kids bible story book

MAK approved!  Want more awesome book reviews for kids?

Check our other reviews HERE!

Get your copy here from Amazon!



Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the  BookLook Bloggers book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.   This blog also has amazon affiliate links to help support our blog.

MAGFORMERS Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half-Shell Heroes 18PC Set Review

Who doesn’t love Magformers!?

To be honest, I had never heard of Magformers before I was asked to write this review!  Boy am I glad that they came into our lives, where have I been?

*I received a set of the pictured Magformers in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

MAGFORMERS Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half-Shell Heroes

If you are asking yourself right now, what in the world is a Magformers?!  Read on!

Magformers come in bright, colorful and fun shapes.  Magformers are so easy and fun to put together and take apart compared to conventional blocks.

Magformers pieces can be connected in any direction in 3D because of the powerful rotating magnets.

Magformers magnets are 5 times more powerful then magnets in other toys so what you build will stick together.  Always attracts, never repels.

MAGFORMERS  Ninja Turtles


My package arrived and I was so impressed, the company even sent me a free T-shirt,which was super cute and great for the kids to wear!  My kids were so excited to open the box!  The packaging is great and the pieces fit nicely in the box.

Right away my kids were busy putting their Magformers together.  This particular set (there are many different sets available) is the 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Heros in a Half shell Character card set.  My kids love love love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so I was thrilled for this theme!  4 play cards came with this set that showed how to build certain shapes like a rocket and a cube.  Leo, Donnie, Mikey and Raph come with their own character cards that you can insert into the Magformers squares as well.   We also built a  Small ball,  Triangular Prism, Pyramid, Small Tower and Hourglass with this set.


cool magnetic toys for kids

My kids typically don’t play with blocks or legos and if they do, it’s for like 5 minutes.  I was amazed that Magformers kept their attention for over 45 minutes.  We all played with them together, even my husband joined in the fun and created some cool designs.

The pieces are study and well built.  They don’t feel cheap and flimsy whatsoever!  From what I read, magformers sets are all interchangeable so the more you own, the more you have, the more you can build!  I was able to talk to my kids about shapes and colors while we played, BONUS!

My only complaint on this set is the 18 pieces.  It is really not enough for 2 kids to play with so I would suggest getting a kit with more pieces.  I have seen some that start at 30 pieces too available.  Believe me, your kids will want to make BIG things.  18 pieces is just not enough.

how much are magformers

MAGFORMERS   Half-Shell Heroes


Ready to get some Magformers!  Also a great gift idea for ages 3 and up!

If you purchase, I receive a small commission to help support our blog and be able to keep bringing you these awesome reviews! Mom Always Knows is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.


Find them here Magformers


Review of Amazon’s Wedding Registry-10 Great Benefits- Build the Registry of your Dreams

Getting married?  You are probably in the midst of endless details but we have found one way to make something easy for you!

The all new FREE Amazon Wedding Registry— did we say FREE?

Yes it is absolutely free and full of awesome benefits over traditional registry’s that we have used in the past.  Keep reading for MAK’s real review!

Amazon literally offers millions of products and many with free shipping and competitive pricing so why not start your registry here!  You all have probably already shopped on Amazon or might even be a member of Amazon Prime (if not sign up HERE!!)

best wedding registry

This post contains affiliate links.  Mom Always Knows is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

Benefits of the Amazon Wedding Registry

  • World’s Largest Selection-  Like I said above, Amazon has millions of products, find anything and everything that you will need to start your life together!
  • Universal Registry Capability:  What does that  mean you ask?  If you have been looking at registry’s already, you might know but let me explain.  If by chance you want something that Amazon does not have (probably won’t happen but just in case,) you can download the nifty little browser application (its quick and easy) and shop on any site on the internet and add it to your  Amazon Wedding Registry.  Amazon then tracks what you want for you with just a few clicks!  I love this!  You can have everything you want in one place!  You want something from Home Depot, not a problem!  Use this feature to put it on your Amazon Wedding Registry!
  • Personalize and Share with Anyone You Want– You can add pictures, comments and priorities to your Registry.  Then simply share it through email and social media!  Wow, easy, done!
  • Completion Gift- Amazon will give you a one time 10% discount or 20% off if you are a Amazon Prime member on select items from your registry after your big date.  So, just in case a few gifts are missed on your list, and you still *really really* want them, you can complete the registry and treat yourself to a nice discount up to 90 days after your wedding
  • FREE Shipping for Prime and Non-Prime Members-  Did we say FREE again?  Don’t have your friends and family paying for shipping when they can get it free by using your Amazon Wedding Registry.  Orders must be over $35 and on eligible items.
  • Free Returns for 180 Days-  Whether you are honeymooning at home or in the Bahamas, you will have up to 180 days to decide if you need everything that you were given from your Registry.  Who does that?  180 days is like 6 months!!!
  • Bonus Gifts–  Again, who doesn’t like free stuff?  When you register for certain items from select vendors, you get gifts for free when your guests make purchases!  Westinghouse and Cuisenart are just some of the big names of the select vendors.  Hey, I will take free gifts all day long!
  • Thank-you Tracking- Yes, the dreaded thank you card but it is a must!  Amazon does all the work for you here on this one also making it very easy for you to keep track of who bought what and even their home address.  When its time to send your thank you cards, all the info is right there for you.
  • Gift Financing– Do you want a new fridge?  Go ahead and register for it!  Amazon will offer your guests 24 month financing through their Amazon Store Card.  Maybe you will be lucky and get it!
  • It’s free!-  We saved the best for last!  Its FREE FREE FREE.

amazon wedding registry

Once you have decided that the Amazon Wedding Registry is for you, it is totally easy to sign up and start shopping!

You need an Amazon account, which is free of course.

Sign up HERE for Amazon and/or the Wedding Registry!

You will be asked a few simple questions about you, your wedding and your privacy then it’s off to the races for the fun stuff!  Adding the gifts!

Final thoughts- MAK loves the Amazon Wedding Registry and recommends it to anyone who is needing to register for their wedding!

Congrats on your wedding and enjoy your big day!



Children’s Book Review: God Loves Daddy & Me by Bonnie Rickner Jensen, Illustrated by Laura Watkins

God Loves Daddy & Me

This special children’s book is about a bond between a Daddy and his child and how God loves them.  All ages will appreciate and relate to this story but especially ages 2-7 and any child who has a special relationship with their Dad!  Each page is filled with something fun that Daddy’s and their child can do together with gentle reminders of God’s love for them sprinkled in.

god loves daddy & Me book review

God Loves Daddy & Me is a padded board book(awesome so no pages will get messed up) which tells the story of a daddy raccoon and his cub.  They go on many adventures together in the book such as boat rides, walks where they talk, game time such as hide and seek, roasting marshmallows, praying, and even chore time.  On each page there is a reference to the Daddy/Child relationship but also the relationship that we have with God our Father in Heaven in a way that a child can understand and compare.

The illustrations will keep your child’s attention as they are bright, colorful and very cute of a Daddy raccoon and his cub.  They relate directly to the words that author has written so your child may even be able to read you back the story.

“God loves Daddy and Me, he listens when we pray.  When we tell him “Thank You, ” it’s the best part of our day.”  The illustrations on this page are so precious of the Daddy Raccoon and cub praying together, you can’t get much better then that!

books about god for kids

If you are looking for a sweet easy bedtime story to read your child about the love of a Earthly Daddy and our Heavenly Father, you have found it with God Loves Daddy & Me!

We recommend this book 100% at MAK!


Get your own copy here!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers <http://booklookbloggers.com> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 <http://www.access.gpo.gov/nara/cfr/waisidx_03/16cfr255_03.html> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”



Children’s Book Review: Grandpa Hugs by Laura Neutzling, Illustrated by Cee Bigcoe

This special children’s book is about a bond between a Grandpa and his grandchild.

All ages will appreciate and relate to this story but especially ages 2-5 and any child who has a special relationship with their Grandpa!  Each page is filled with something fun that Grandpa and child can do together.

GrandPa Hugs is such a sweet padded board book that convey’s Grandpa on each page as a different animal.  Grandpa tells funny jokes and makes us laugh or sometimes he eats ice cream.  Sometimes he play games and other times he hugs and reads books.

The illustrations that depict Grandpa and grandchild are all different animal groups such as rabbits, wolves, monkeys, elephants, sheep, giraffes, tigers, owls, dogs and bears.  Your child will love the pictures in this book as they are very detailed, big, and the coloring is soft and sweet.

Grandpa Hugs by Laura Neutzling

Grandpa’s chair is comfy-cozy with room enough to share.  Before it’s time to go to bed, we say a nighttime prayer.”  A perfect ending to a perfect book and also a perfect way for you to talk to your child about the importance of prayer.  The picture on this page is of a Grandpa and grandchild praying together in a cozy chair.

What a beautiful picture and story with many great ideas of fun things you can do together with your child.

MAK for sure recommends this book to our readers.

Get your own copy here!


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers <http://booklookbloggers.com> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 <http://www.access.gpo.gov/nara/cfr/waisidx_03/16cfr255_03.html> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Hey Mom-Want to make money from home? Swagbucks-A For Real Review

I have had so many friends tell me to use Swagbucks but was never really into it until one day I was home bored on maternity leave.  I was weary because so many of those sites are spammy or hard to use but I thought I would check it out!  Much to my surprise, the Swagbucks site was so easy to use, navigate and not spammy at all!

Swagbucks At A Glance

  • Free to use and to sign up.  Sign up here now.
  • Started in 2005 (It’s not going anywhere)
  • Easy to use and actually fun!
  • Take surveys, watch videos, surf the web, play games, shop online to earn gift cards or cash via paypal.
  • A swagbuck means a different amount depending on where you are in the world – 500SB is $5 paypal for US residents, or for 800SB for £5 paypal in the UK.  500SB sounds like a lot but it doesn’t take long to get there!
  • Redeem the Swagbucks for gift cards you can use at Amazon, CVS, Burger King, Paypal…literally hundreds of places!


Ways to earn on Swagbucks

  1.  Shop Online!  Simple!  Easy!  Just simply access the stores online site through swagbucks and earn Swagbucks when you shop.  Cash back shopping at over 1500 retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Starbucks. Earn SB points for every dollar you spend plus get access to exclusive deals and coupons to your favorite retailers.

2.  Surveys and Daily Polls!  Another super easy way!  Share your opinions and get free gift cards! Earn SB points when you answer fun surveys and polls.  This is more time consuming than other ways to earn on Swagbucks so choose your polls and surveys wisely!  The polls seem to be a bit quicker and easier.

3.  Playing Games-  Fun but not huge payouts but take a whirl and build up some Swagbucks!  

4.  Watch Videos-  You are limited to 150 Swagbucks a day on this one but watch away!  There are all kinds of topics and interests so might as well get your bucks! Watch entertaining videos and get free gift cards! Earn SB points for watching playlists that we’ve put together just for you!


5.  Online Search through Swagbucks site-  This is probably the easiest way to earn doing what you do already!  The  Yahoo-powered search bar is available by upload to your browser as well.  Just search away!

Other ways to earn:

They also have a really cool referral program so once you are a member and earning if anyone signs up under you or you refer someone by invite, you get 10% of their Swagbucks for life.  For example, if they earn 100 SB, you earn 10.  They also have free trials you can sign up for.  Be careful here, some you have to cancel and you might forget that you signed up for them!

My recommendation for Mom or anyone for that matter is- do it!  What do you have to lose?  It is really a win-win with little time invested!   With very little effort I usually rack up 1-2 gift cards a month, that I can then give as gifts when it is someone’s birthday or save for Christmas or use myself to buy things I need on Amazon!  It is awesome!  Just decide how much time you want to spend as you could easily get end up spending way too much time on the site.  Go for the offers that pay the most SB’s!

Sign up for free for Swagbucks below to help support my blog and family! : ) Let us know how you like it!  Enjoy and Blessings!


Cozi Family Organizer for the Busy Juggling Mom- Review

What is this Cozi thing everyone is talking about?  It’s free, I thought?  No way! Try the Cozi Family Organizer today. It’s FREE!   Nothing is ever really free, right?  After reading some other reviews and checking out their website, I decided to download it and try it for myself.  Cozi was free and incredibly easy to sign-up which is sometimes half the battle in my opinion.  After just minutes I was inputting our family data and putting things on our calendar: even making tons of fun lists!

The absolute beauty of Cozi is you share one family name and password, it can be viewed on multiple devices in real time,  each family member is color coordinated on the calendar and all activities are put on the same calendar so everyone can see what is going on and what needs to happen.  Great for busy moms with multiple busy kids and busy life!

 Rating on Itunes and Google Play- 4.5 Stars

We’ve all been there.  You forgot to take the kids to soccer practice or pick up the dry cleaning.  Your oldest son didn’t tell you or you forgot about his baseball game and it was at the same time your husband was picking up the dog from the vet.  These mishaps and overlaps happen daily and wouldn’t it be nice to have everyone’s weekly/monthly schedule all in one place and everyone have access to it when they are out and about?  It seems Cozi has found the answer, no wonder they are a 3 time Mom Choice Award Winner!

I don’t know about you Mom, but I am a list maker.  I make lists about what I need to do, grocery lists, gift lists, list for upcoming events and birthday parties and the list goes on and on.  This app has it all.  On our dashboard menu, there is a place for To do lists and shopping lists, and a chore list, etc.  Get this-  You can create a shared list so no one in your family can say they didn’t know what their chores were or if you ran out of time and needed your husband to pick up the groceries, he can simply view the list or you can email it directly to him from the Cozi app.

It really is worth a try Mom, even if you don’t use it for all the applications and pick and choose which ones you like.  There is even an ad free “Gold” option that unlocks even more features but truly all the free features are all you’d ever really need!  The family journal is part of the free features, a place to keep family photos or capture and share anything but I don’t find myself using this often since there are so many other apps and place out there for this but it’s there if I ever decide to and might be perfect for some families!  Also there are places for menus, recipes and even your contacts to go, all available to be shared!

Cozi is going to be around a long time in my family, that’s for sure!  Especially as my girls grow older and start going in 10 different directions.  It will be nice to know, in one place, what and where everyone is!

Check them out for yourself by signing up below!  Tell us what you think in the comments below after you do!

This post contains affiliate links to help support our blog!







Beddy’s All In One Zip Up Bedding Review

By Elizabeth Hurt


It was a Sunday that I first fell in love with Beddy’s.  I was not even in the market and had even finally finished both my girls rooms with PBK quilts and decor.  I still love PBK and will always use them but let me get back to my story.  A friend of mine had just moved into a new house and was giving me the tour.  She has 5 bedrooms so it was taking awhile.  1st stop,  babies room, decorated with the cutest shabby chic decor you could image.  2nd stop and low and behold was the first time I laid eyes on the “Beddy’s.”  I immediately noticed the ruffles and the colors and the “neat” look and asked her what it was.  She said it was one of those zip beds but not the “cheap ugly” ones from TV.  She proceeded to tell me and then show me all three of her daughters beds with different style Beddy’s.   My friend Miranda (the one with the Beddy’s) said “I love our beddy’s. It has made a huge difference in our kids being able to make their beds and keep their rooms looking clean.  I suggest them for all Mom’s.”  I was done, fork in me, had to have it.

This post may contain affiliate links and/or Amazon Affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure policy for details.

I went home that night and searched the Beddy’s website and other sites that might sell Beddy’s.  Checking eBay there were hardly any for sale and really nowhere else but Amazon to buy one.  Usually, that is a good thing, meaning people are holding on to theirs because they like them and they are good quality.  I found a coupon on the Beddy’s facebook page for 20% off and decided to splurge on some Beddy’s for my girls.  On Thursday, less than a week later, my new Beddy’s arrived so super fast and free shipping too!

Here is my review, now that we have had our Beddy’s for a couple of months, for any Mama’s who might be wondering about them!

The first thing that drew me to the Beddy’s was the neat and clean look.  The exterior is quilted, very soft, and fits over the top of the mattress like a fitted sheet.  This creates a very “neat” look like a quilt tucked neatly in all around.  No more sloppy blankets laying around everywhere all day and falling off your kids at night.


The second thing about the Beddy’s that I loved was the ruffles, patterns, colors and shabby chic design of the 2 I picked.  There are several that I feel are shabby chic but I picked the ‘Sweet Dreams” and “Always Enchanting” sets.  Very shabby chic and matched all my existing decor and color schemes.

The third thing I love about them is the ease for me and my kids to make the bed.  My 5-year-old is just now starting with chores and this was one of them!  She actually looks forward to making her bed and does it many times without me asking.  My younger daughter doesn’t make her bed yet so it is so much easier for me to just zip it up.

We have a bed rail on my youngest daughters bed so she won’t fall out but this would be a great solution for a Mom looking for a way to keep an older kid in the bed without a bed rail in my opinion.  Once that thing is zipped up, it is very sturdy and secure and would hold them in place.  The inside is a soft minky fabric, which my kids love, and I can attest as well since I have spent a few nights myself sleeping inside of the Beddy’s.

The twin bed is a trundle bed so we didn’t need a bed skirt for her bed but my oldest queen size bed needed a bed skirt so we bought the matching “Sweet Dreams” skirt and it is to die for!  All the sets have coordinating skirts, shams, and pillows.  See the pictures and tell me what you think in the comments below!

We have had had a couple of accidents on them and the top cover zips off for easier washing or if you just want to wash it.  We have a twin and a queen set and they both fit nicely in the washer, just make sure you wash them as suggested by the manufacturer.  The color has stayed the same through the washes so far and my only only only only complaint is the zipper has lost a little of its color coating on one of my sets (see pic below.)

Zipper losing some of the Aqua coating. : (


Our Beddy’s are AMAZING and Miranda and I both wish we had one for our King size beds! : )  Here are my kids goofing around and they wanted to tell you they approve as well!

Don’t let the price point fool you!  You would easily spend this or more if you bought nice bedding and bought a fitted sheet, top sheet, sham, pillowcase, and comforter.  With Beddy’s it is all-in-one.  No mess, no fuss!  Perfect for the busy Mom, one less thing to juggle!♥

Go straight to Beddy’s here

Until next time…Keep up the Juggle..



Review Coming Soon- “The Busy Mom’s Guide to Teaching Character” by Jenn Thorson


Y’all I am super excited to say that we will be doing a review soon so check back!  Jenn at http://www.thepurposefulmom.com/ has graciously agreed to send us a copy of her book,

“The Busy Mom’s Guide to Teaching Character.”

I can’t wait to read it and tell everyone what I think about it as from what I hear it has some great reviews!  Jenn writes this one with busy Mama’s in mind and talks about thriving and not just surviving during the challenging moments of motherhood.

Can’t wait!♥♥♥

Save up to 50% at Tea Collection- Cute Clothing for kids!

We just love Tea Collection at Mom Always Knows!


We just love Tea Collection at Mom Always Knows! When our favorite Naartjie went out of business, we had to find another go to easy casual brand to wear everyday!  This was it!  Their spring collection is in and in full swing and is a must see!  Something for everyone from baby to big kid- boy and girl!  Their clothes last and can take a beating- take it from us!   The website is awesome and easy to navigate!  The price point is affordable and their clothes are cute and stylish!

Enjoy this coupon and spend spend spend!  Spring is in the air!  Click on the title above to go to Tea Collection home page for 50% off or  http://momalwaysknows.com/deals/ to get your 15% off coupon from Tea Collection and see more deals from other great partners!  : )


The cutest little Moccs, you have to have …

Seriously the cutest little moccs.  This new boutique will add some SWAG to your baby for sure with several styles and colors to chose from!  All their high-quality shoes are handmade and range from sizes 0-8 toddler.  Looks like I know where I will be shopping for baby showers from now on!   I think the boots are my favorite!  They even have hair bows and binkie clips!  Go show them some love.  Post your pics below when you purchase some with your littles wearing them! : )


By:  Elizabeth Hurt- Mom of 2

moxford banner 2