Quiz- What Kind of Skin Type Do you Have Ladies?

There is lots of talk these days about mom self care and mom wellness!  Our next few quizzes will be about Mom and these very topics so stay tuned!

The first quiz is about our oh so important skin and what type of skin we have!

What type do you have??  I got oily!!  That is no surprise to me! : )  Take the quiz, have fun and let us know what you think!

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What Type of Mom Blogger are you? Take our Free Quiz and Find Out!

I am sure you are wondering! : )

What type of Mom blogger are you?

Take this fun quiz to see!  Please share your results and let us know!  Mine was “inspirational force!”  I knew I was a force to be reckoned with!  Watch out world! : )


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Quiz–What’s Your Parenting Style?

Every mom has a different way of mommying.  I have seen it all.   Want a good laugh?  Head over and read To All the Hardworking Mamas and you will hear about all kind of Mamas you probably didn’t know existed…but back to the quiz… Where do you fit in?

Take our quiz and see what kind of parent you are!

Make sure you let us know below!  Agree or no?

Blessings!  MAK Team

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What’s Your Child’s Love Language Quiz

Ever wonder what your child’s love language is?

Kids are all so different which means sometimes as Mom we need to respond to them differently.  Take this free quiz and find out now!  Don’t forget to share your results!  Check back as we plan to update new quizzes and topics weekly!

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