Cozi Family Organizer for the Busy Juggling Mom- Review

What is this Cozi thing everyone is talking about?  It’s free, I thought?  No way! Try the Cozi Family Organizer today. It’s FREE!   Nothing is ever really free, right?  After reading some other reviews and checking out their website, I decided to download it and try it for myself.  Cozi was free and incredibly easy to sign-up which is sometimes half the battle in my opinion.  After just minutes I was inputting our family data and putting things on our calendar: even making tons of fun lists!

The absolute beauty of Cozi is you share one family name and password, it can be viewed on multiple devices in real time,  each family member is color coordinated on the calendar and all activities are put on the same calendar so everyone can see what is going on and what needs to happen.  Great for busy moms with multiple busy kids and busy life!

 Rating on Itunes and Google Play- 4.5 Stars

We’ve all been there.  You forgot to take the kids to soccer practice or pick up the dry cleaning.  Your oldest son didn’t tell you or you forgot about his baseball game and it was at the same time your husband was picking up the dog from the vet.  These mishaps and overlaps happen daily and wouldn’t it be nice to have everyone’s weekly/monthly schedule all in one place and everyone have access to it when they are out and about?  It seems Cozi has found the answer, no wonder they are a 3 time Mom Choice Award Winner!

I don’t know about you Mom, but I am a list maker.  I make lists about what I need to do, grocery lists, gift lists, list for upcoming events and birthday parties and the list goes on and on.  This app has it all.  On our dashboard menu, there is a place for To do lists and shopping lists, and a chore list, etc.  Get this-  You can create a shared list so no one in your family can say they didn’t know what their chores were or if you ran out of time and needed your husband to pick up the groceries, he can simply view the list or you can email it directly to him from the Cozi app.

It really is worth a try Mom, even if you don’t use it for all the applications and pick and choose which ones you like.  There is even an ad free “Gold” option that unlocks even more features but truly all the free features are all you’d ever really need!  The family journal is part of the free features, a place to keep family photos or capture and share anything but I don’t find myself using this often since there are so many other apps and place out there for this but it’s there if I ever decide to and might be perfect for some families!  Also there are places for menus, recipes and even your contacts to go, all available to be shared!

Cozi is going to be around a long time in my family, that’s for sure!  Especially as my girls grow older and start going in 10 different directions.  It will be nice to know, in one place, what and where everyone is!

Check them out for yourself by signing up below!  Tell us what you think in the comments below after you do!

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  1. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    I’ve never heard of this before, but it sounds great! Paper lists just don’t work for our family; my husband is so forgetful that he forgets to check the list lol! But I love how this is something that we could connect to both our devices. Thanks for sharing!
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