Who Doesn’t like Surprises in a bag? SURPRIZAMALS Stuffed Animal Review

best blind bag for kids


Which one will you get?  What’s inside?


I am always looking for cute little gifts for my kids that can be used for behavior rewards in our treasure box at home or “just because” gifts that don’t break the bank.  I also look for stocking stuffers year round and little things to throw in goodie bags or gift bags when the girls have their own birthday parties or attend them.  I was so excited when we received some Surprizamals to review for y’all so I could see if these little stuffed balls would make the grade!  Of course all opinions are my own.

blind bag stuffed animals

Most kids today have heard of the “blind bag” and love the concept and my kids are no strangers, they love it!  They were so excited to get their Surprizamals and quickly opened the mailing bag and divided them up so that they each got the same amount.  Pop open the round red egg they come in and bam, you open up a super soft quality plush little stuffed animal.  They are not in a “blind bag” but the red egg needs to be popped open to see what is inside and you won’t know what Surprizamals are in your set until you open them.  How fun, especially to a young child!

stuffed animal for kids

There are 4 series (similar to seasons) currently and among them there are common, rare, ultra rare and limited edition Surprizamals to collect.  My girls started playing with them right away and trading each other to get the ones they wanted.  Made by Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co, the “Cuties” are 2″ tall and “Wackys” are 4″ tall.  Zach the Zebra, Lola the Lady bug and Penny the Penguin are just a few of the cute little Surprizamals that you can collect.


Christmas is right around the corner so you might want to keep these in mind as they are sure to be a big hit.  You can pick them up at Toys R Us, Walmart of other toy retailers as well as the Surprizamals website here.

SURPRIZAMALS are MAK approved!



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  1. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    My kids love little things that you can collect that you never know what you’re getting. And they really love little stuffed animals so this is the perfect combo.

  2. Natalie
    Natalie says:

    These are so cute and would make perfect stocking stuffers! Love that you look for stuff year-round, I’m terrible at that kinda thing.


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