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Hey Mom- The Best Diapers For a Life Less Messy

Diapers Diapers Diapers!

Where do you start!?  So many brands with so many claims!  Leak-proof, eco-friendly, fragrance- free and the list goes on and on.  I know this may seem exhausting if you are a soon-to-mom or new mom but never fear….we have looked near and far and found the perfect DIAPER GUIDE for you.  You need to be equipped with the best considering those little whipper snappers will go through about 5000 of them (diapers) before they are fully potty-trained.

Wow, that is crazy!

best diapers for baby

Our friends at Reviews.com, a small group of obsessive consumers with a passion for the truth, and the desire to find the best have done all the work for you!  Needless to say, your Aunt Bertha and best friend Sally will also have their two cents to throw in on EVERYTHING baby-related but hopefully this diaper guide can take something off your plate.  You have more to worry about now!

Shop for Diapers here from our friends at Amazon.  We do recieve a small commission if you buy to help support our blog!

To find the best diapers For a Life Less Messy, Reviews.com started with 33 contenders focusing simply that a diaper should work, fit, absorb and be safe for your baby to wear. Diaper experts, nurses, midwives, and, of course, parents were interviewed and only 4 companies/brands stood up to the test!

Don’t think I am going to give it away but I will tell you the brand I used for both my daughters, Pampers, was one of the 4!  Whoo hoo!

I always loved my Pampers! : )

what diapers should i use

Head on over and check out the results and review yourself HERE!

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12 replies
  1. Kiwi
    Kiwi says:

    Kids go through 5000 diapers? Wow that is excessive! I am not a parent but this is helpful especially for new and expectant parents.

  2. Amanda Kee
    Amanda Kee says:

    I don’t have a little one in diapers anymore and I am a long long long way from grandkids, but I think this is informative. I know a few ladies who just had babies so I will have to pass along this information. I’ve tried a few different brands, there are more now than 9 years ago when my son was little but for him, I had to stick with Pampers. Other brands bothered his skin and that was no fun…

  3. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    I always liked Pampers diapers when my son was a baby. He was a preemie and they were really the only brand to make an actual preemie diaper (as opposed to “oh, you’ve got a slightly small baby” preemie diapers). He was 3lbs 5oz at birth and had to grow into preemie clothes, so I appreciated at least having diapers that fit him!

  4. lisa
    lisa says:

    Pampers was my favorite too when my children were young. Now that we have younger grandchildren that are in diapers, we still us Pampers for them also! I know we have tried many brands before, even Luv’s , but Pampers still number one for my family.

  5. Censie Sawyer
    Censie Sawyer says:

    For both of our babies we started with Pampers and loved them but in the end found that the Target brand diapers worked just as great and were cheaper. Great for when you are on a budget. I think every family ends up having their own favorite. There are so many options out there.
    Censie Sawyer recently posted…Jude is 7!My Profile

  6. Ali Rost
    Ali Rost says:

    What a great review of diapers! While it’s been a while since I’ve had little ones, I have grandchildren. In fact, my husband and I provide diapers for as long as the kids need them. It’s easy to have them delivered via Amazon Prime whenever they’re close to running out. We’ve been ordering Luvs and so far so good. No complaints!

  7. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    I started out on Pampers and was addicted to the blue stripes! Since I was gifted so many Luvs, I gave them a shot and have been happy now that I’ve learned how to tell without the stripe when a change is needed (new mom alert!) In fact, while pregnant with my daughter, I talked to a woman I met in line at the airport and her parting advice was to try Luvs. She said for girls, Luvs work really well and cost much less. So now we’ve switched to Luvs full-time and hope to enjoy some major savings!
    Sarah recently posted…My Symptoms of Preeclampsia After BirthMy Profile


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