5 Habits You Must Have To Make It As A Working Mom

Trying to juggle it all and be super Mom in today’s world can be super demanding and stressful bringing the best of us to our knees for sure.  There are bills to pay, carpool lines, sick kids, lost remote controls, bad report cards, deadlines at the office, a husband that needs attention and the list goes on and on for us!  Are you spreading yourself so thin and always falling short in every area of your life?  Read on!! Don’t despair, we have comprised a list of 5 things you must do or know to do to make it as a working Mom in today’s world!  Don’t worry, if all else fails, hide in the bathroom and lock the door…it can wait.  : )

#1—You are not in control of all things even though you think you are!  If you can master this as a Mom then that is a great start.  You will never be able to control how other people act or what they think.  Your boss, your friends, your kid’s teachers and so on and so forth!  You can control, however, how you react to them and your feelings and actions.  So be calm and in control of YOU.  Do your very best at all times in all situations.

#2—You are Woman, hear me Roar!  You can do it!  You are strong!  You gave birth didn’t you?  You will feel overwhelmed, you will be sick and tired and you won’t want to do it at times but you can!  You have to choose with intention the life you want and then live it through.  One step at a time.  It doesn’t happen all it once, life is a journey of steps and special moments.  Each new day renews your mind and spirit and you get stronger and stronger.  Tell yourself this daily!

#3Delegate Delegate Delegate-  Okay Mama’s, We all know that we do it all the best and the right way but you have got to figure out a way to give some of it away!  Ask your Mom, ask your husband, ask your kids.  Everyone else is perfectly capable of doing many of the tasks that we take upon ourselves especially the trivial ones that don’t really matter.  If you can find a way to free up extra minutes, these will translate in to lots of extra minutes that you can spend relaxing or playing with your kids and being happier and more rested!

#4—Have a strong set of core beliefs and values This is a must, not only because you are striving daily to be seen by everyone that you come into contact with that you a Christian and teaching your kids through your actions but because you are personally measuring your success in life (at work and home) against those core beliefs and values.  Forget what the world tells you about Success, use your own scale of measurement and those come from what is truly important to you.

#5—Listen to your Intuition—Some call it your “gut.”  Some call it woman’s intuition.  Some even call it the Holy Spirit talking to you throughout the day.  You know what I am talking about; that little voice that tells you something is just not right or that feeling in your tummy about something.  You meet a co-worker and fee weird about them or a new parent you just don’t like.  Listen to it and don’t let your head argue with it.  I have found after years of going against it, it is usually right on.  For whatever reason, Mom’s usually know. Women have a special gift.  Use it!  It will come in handy in every area of your life at home and the office!


Ya’ll can do it!  Keep on the juggle!  Take it from many great moms I know that say one day these will all be sweet memories that you will miss dearly! : )

Elizabeth Hurt
Mom/ CEO of Household | momalwaysknows.com@gmail.com |

The MOM behind Mom Always Knows. Inspired by a long line of other Moms who also always knew. I don‘t know everything by any means but what I don’t know, I can find out, that’s for sure! I am a super Mom, just like you, juggling everything life throws this way. I love God first and foremost, am happily married and am raising 2 beautiful and headstrong little girls ages 4 and 5 who will often be the inspirations of my blog. I work full-time and dedicate myself to this site in the moments between housework, work, family time and life.

I am passionate about all of the topics you’ll find on my blog but most of all being a Mom and everything to do with MOM.

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  1. DR
    DR says:

    I am forever noticing these habits in my mother, especially the delegating. It seems a good way to relieve some of the tension to have us kids to do some of the tasks and takes some of the stress of her. Love the habits feel like they could be taken into all aspects of life.
    DR recently posted…Side StepMy Profile

  2. Ali Rost
    Ali Rost says:

    I remember those years! For me delegating was a big one. The simply was no way I could get it all done by myself. It always takes a village

  3. Love You Wedding
    Love You Wedding says:

    I like that intuition thing. It is like having a 6th sense and it has helped me a lot! I’v had those encounters before, and I followed my gut. I am unsure of things and I follow my gut.

  4. Noblandmakeup
    Noblandmakeup says:

    Growing up my mom definitely used delegating on us. I guess women’s intuition is where the phrase “moms have eyes in the back of their heads comes from” lol.

  5. JeeYoung W.
    JeeYoung W. says:

    As a working mom, I completely agree with your list. Delegating was hard for me, but it’s a must for my sanity!


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