Healthy Yummy Banana “Ice Cream” Recipe Just for Moms and Kids


Super simple….here’s what you need:

Organic bananas, really ripe, cut in chunks & frozen

Vanilla Almond or Soy milk

Optional add-ins for different flavors:

Cocoa powder, unsweet

Peanut or almond butter

Chocolate chips


Shredded coconut


Instant coffee powder



Next time you or the kiddo’s are craving ice cream- try this instead!  Blend one cup of the frozen banana chunks until it looks like little pebbles, then add a few tablespoons of your choice of milk and blend til creamy!  Tastes just like banana ice cream!  Experiment with different flavors and mixing with other frozen fruit.  My favorite is chocolate peanut butter with sliced almonds!  My husband loves just straight banana!  Each family member can make their own flavor.


Also great for special diets….gluten free, dairy free, vegan!

Take pics and share the flavors you and your family made!

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Sarah Elizabeth Hiltney
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Sarah lives in the heartland of Missouri and enjoys writing, spending time with her husband and their over-active rescue dog.  She is an artist at heart and you can find her crafting, baking, spending time at her family farm, or studying her favorite book, The Bible! ♥

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