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What’s Your Child’s Love Language Quiz

Ever wonder what your child’s love language is?

Kids are all so different which means sometimes as Mom we need to respond to them differently.  Take this free quiz and find out now!  Don’t forget to share your results!  Check back as we plan to update new quizzes and topics weekly!

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Elizabeth Hurt
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The MOM behind Mom Always Knows. Inspired by a long line of other Moms who also always knew. I don‘t know everything by any means but what I don’t know, I can find out, that’s for sure! I am a super Mom, just like you, juggling everything life throws this way. I love God first and foremost, am happily married and am raising 2 beautiful and headstrong little girls ages 4 and 5 who will often be the inspirations of my blog. I work full-time and dedicate myself to this site in the moments between housework, work, family time and life.

I am passionate about all of the topics you’ll find on my blog but most of all being a Mom and everything to do with MOM.

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  1. Samantha
    Samantha says:

    My daughter is only 2 so it was a bit tricky to answer these questions, and the result was “quality time”. I think that makes TOTAL sense given her age, I’d be curious to see how this changes over time. I scheduled this to share it with my community. I teach parents how to find children’s books that reflect their family values and include their kids’ genuine interests…and a part of this is being in tune with who your children are at their core. Knowing your child’s love language is such a great start. Thank you for creating this quiz, I’d love to get to know you more – I think we could really complement each other well, I enjoy your blog a ton!

  2. Helene
    Helene says:

    As a mom of three, this is such an important post. Each of my children show their love and appreciation in different ways. It took some time to learn their languages, but it’s well worth it in the long run. This is a great tool for new moms and moms of young children.

  3. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    This is so cool! I’m a huge fan of the love languages book so I can see how incredibly beneficial this is for parents. I’m passing this along to my sister-in-law!

  4. michele
    michele says:

    so important to understand since we can be more compassionate with each other armed with the info. I have two sons, and one of them feels love from GIFTS and the other from WORDS. they are completely different humans! 🙂


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