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Question of the week- What can I put in Easter Baskets that is not candy?

Q-  My kids have had so much candy already the last couple of weeks at school and church from various Easter egg hunts and parties and with Easter coming up this week, I don’t really want to stuff their baskets with candy.  What are some other options, besides candy, that my kids will love that I can put in their Easter baskets for Easter Sunday?  Thanks, Pam!

A-  Good question Pam!  We always struggle with this as well!  It seems like there is never a shortage of parties and events for the kids where they get stuffed with sweets!  First off, kudos’s to you for limiting their candy intake! : )  Their dentist will love you for it!  To answer your question, the sky is the limit when it comes to options for the Easter basket that does not include candy!  Here are some of my favorite ideas  and what I plan to do for my kiddos(#3,4,5)!  Happy Easter and let us know how it goes over!

Our Favoite Ideas
1. Bunny Socks for boys/Bunny Bows for girls

2.  Legos sets for girls or boys

3.  Bubble bath/bath fizz for boys and girls

4.  Markers/colors/ Paints for boys and girls

5.  Plato/ Kinetic Sand for boys and girls

6.  Puzzles/ blocks for boys and girls

7.  Cool new kicks for boys and girls

8.  Jump rope/Bubbles/Jacks/board games for boys and girls

9. Books/DVD’s for boys and girls

10.  Bible/bible games for boys and girls


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