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The Momma Chef Interview-Amazing Recipes with 6 Ingredients in 6 minutes Prep time! Plus Free Recipe Printable

Have you guys heard of The Momma Chef yet?

If you haven’t, it is only a matter of time!  With over 25k followers on her blog, she is doing something right!  Who doesn’t love Lamb Chops that take 4 minutes to prep and 6 minutes to cook?  These are so easy that you can have your kids start cooking for YOU! : )

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I know for me as a busy Mom, nothing is better then providing a tasty and healthy meal for my family in minutes, under 6 minutes to be exact.  The MAK team strongly suggests that you check The Momma Chef (aka Karen Nochimowski) out.  Her website is friendly and easy to navigate packed with recipes and tips for all occasions, even a free recipe E-book if you sign up as a subscriber on her site.

I was so excited and thankful to catch up with Karen and learn more about the woman behind The Momma Chef.  We hope you enjoy!

The Interview:  Questions for The Momma Chef

When did you start cooking?

I have been cooking for as long as I can remember. My mother often cooked at home and I picked it up from her. From my early college “gourmet” specialty of caramelized French toast (Step one: drench French toast in sugar; Step two: add more sugar) to today’s healthier options, I have discovered a way to make dishes that all of my family members love by developing easy, quick recipes.

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You really seem to have a passion for it, where does that come from?

It boils down to loving it and guilt J. I do love to cook and enjoy when my children and guests love my meals. But, even when I am tired of cooking (even happens to the best of us) I have this guilt of not feeding my kids warm healthy meals. So, when I am tired and feel like bringing in food (I do occasionally bring in food) my guilt kicks in of knowing how much healthier my meals are for my kids, so I start cooking.

What made you start your website/business?

I have been sharing recipes with family and friends for years, but I now made them available to anyone who wants them. I started sharing them so I wouldn’t have to email them to my friends. I figure they’d be able to find them easier if I just put them all online.

Tell us a little about yourself- kids? Family? Anything you want readers to know.

I am a mom of three active boys (ages 12, 7 and 4.)  Although I often feel like I’m struggling with some aspect of parenting, my one sanctuary is the kitchen. My children liked different foods and were constantly requesting a variety of things for dinner. I used to tell them, “I am not an octopus with eight arms who can make eight different meals.” Over time, I figured out a way to make food they all love by developing easy, quick recipes. That led to the creation of my blog, Momma Chef, for parents like me. 


What makes your recipes/cooking unique from all the others out there?

ALL of my recipes are super easy! My “6 Under 6” recipes are simple and delicious, using no more than 6 ingredients and under 6 minutes of prep time. They give parents the tools to start cooking.

What is the best tip you can offer a struggling Mom in the kitchen?

Start with my “Honey Mustard Chicken” it takes about 5 minutes to get in the oven and as long as you follow my very easy instructions, you will have made a delicious meal. That is the recipe that made me start my blog, my friends who never cooked started making it and the emails and calls I received thanking me for giving them the tools to cook were overwhelming. 


What is the best Mom hack for the kitchen?

Disposable pans from Costco! They are cheap and means NO major clean up! 

See more info here- WANT TO SAVE TIME WITH CLEAN-UP…

Free Free Free OH-SO SIMPLE BEER-CAN CHICKEN Recipe Printable here!   In case you were wondering about the chicken in the beer can! : )



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  1. Lorena
    Lorena says:

    This is perfect for me I have to be honest and say that I don’t like cooking but I do because I have two kids So this is like a dream just six minutes I have to check it out this one of my dreams lol

  2. misty nelson dawn
    misty nelson dawn says:

    Wow, This is exactly what I need right now and I love the quick recipe and easy to prepare thanks for the awesome tips.

  3. Azlin Bloor
    Azlin Bloor says:

    Interesting post and I’m not surprised at how popular her quick recipes are, those lamb chops sound awesome. It is a bit of a shame though, that no one seems to have time for the kitchen anymore.

  4. Annemarie
    Annemarie says:

    Easy, quick and delicious recipe is what I really want to try. I liked reading the interview, it’s so interesting 🙂

  5. Michelle Waller
    Michelle Waller says:

    Amazing interview! I love any recipes that hardly require any recipes that also taste delicious!

  6. Cassie
    Cassie says:

    Love the idea of some quick and simple recipes! I don’t have kids of my own yet but when my niece and nephew come to stay they certainly don’t enjoy my cooking haha so I’ll have to hit up your site for some tips!

  7. Cheryl
    Cheryl says:

    Planning and cooking dinner on busy weeknights is always a source of stress for me. I love to cook but working two jobs, being a mom, and wife, gets extremely difficult.There is just never enough time. I love the idea of the 6 for 6! I will definitely check her out. Thanks for all the time you just saved me!
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  8. robin rue
    robin rue says:

    I would LOVE to be able to have a meal on the table in 6 minutes. Sometimes we’re so busy after school that we don’t eat until LATE.


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