3 Reasons We Love Lamb Horn Chews from Icelandic+

icelandic lamb horn

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Everyone knows dogs love to chew, especially puppies!  I post about Buster, our happy healthy 10-month-old lab, often and his chewing habits!  He has pretty much sampled every doll, toy, marker, shoe, and you name it that my daughters leave on the floor.  He loves to chew!  So I was more than excited to try some all-natural lamb horn treats from Icelandic+™ to see if they could stand up to Buster!  Icelandic+ is just like it sounds, based in Iceland, where the lambs are genetically pure(crossbreeding is strictly forbidden by law) and are raised free-range style.  Iceland also has strict inspection procedures that ensure hygiene, quality control and traceability so you know you will be getting a dog treat that is Pure. Natural. Unspoiled.  Regular bones are no match for him and not so good for his belly or teeth so I am always open and excited to trying new things, especially such a healthy option!

icelandic dog chews

Reasons We Love Lamb Horn Chews from Icelandic+

icelandic dog chews

Healthy Option

We love our Buster and after almost losing him to an infection after a cryptorchid surgery gone wrong, we are very careful about the food and treats that we give him.  We only want the best for him!  Icelandic + is committed to producing healthy dog treats that meet their specific digestive, physiological, metabolic, and nutritional requirements.  They have an in-house physiologist and nutritionist to make sure that their products are healthy, nutritionally appropriate and safe!  To ensure freshness, purity and integrity, Icelandic+ dog treats & chews are manufactured within FDA, USDA, EU and MAST standards and regulations so I can rest assured that he is getting a healthy treat when trying the lamb horn.  Icelandic+ Lamb Horns are made with zero additives, fillers, supplements or preservatives and use the purest, natural and organic ingredients right from Iceland.  They are cleaned, boiled and air-dried.  What?  Now that is impressive!

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Dental Benefits

I don’t know about you but it is really hard to brush a dogs teeth but a necessary evil!  You could pay a groomer to do it or you could look at the Icelandic+ Lamb Horn!  Made of thousands of small fibers, as your dog chews, the horn actually helps brush your dogs teeth and take care of their gum line.  How amazing is that?  Your dog is having fun while reducing tartar & plaque build up!  Have you ever heard of such a thing?  You and your vet will notice a pleasant change in your dogs gum health and appearance of your dogs teeth over time as they continue to chew on their lamb horns.  Please note if your dogs teeth are not regularly brushed, some gum bleeding may occur with their first horn, much like if you don’t floss your teeth for a bit and resume.

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I work from home and if any of you have had a puppy before, you know, that they are like having another child.  He requires so much attention from me so I am always looking for treats that are satisfying to him and will provide him hours of entertainment.   Buster’s sense of smell kicked in when the box arrived with his lamb horn in it!  He could tell there was something in the box that he wanted!  I opened the box and Buster went to town chewing on it!  We got the large lamb horn since he’s a big boy but there is a small size available for smaller dogs as well.  Buster loved his lamb horn and did not want to be disturbed when he was chewing on his crunchy, natural, pure treat full of protein, vitamins and minerals!  I was impressed because it has lasted him about 2 weeks now so you will get your monies worth with this treat as with other treats he can literally eat in one setting or in one day.  The lamb horns are 100% edible and he actually prefers it to all his other treats when given a choice.  Bonus-A little trivia for you here, lamb horns are considered the oldest dog treat, making dogs happy since 874!


Enjoy your Icelandic+ Lamb Horns and dog chews!  We know Buster does!

You can give your dog the gift of Pure. Natural. Unspoiled chews and treats from Icelandic+ here!

Disclaimer- As with all dog chews, take the horn away if it becomes small enough to swallow.  Always supervise while your dog is enjoying an Icelandic+ Lamb Horn.

Till next time…


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  1. Cinnamon Rose
    Cinnamon Rose says:

    I have been dreaming since childhood to get a dog, but no luck since we live in an apartment. These lamb horn chews sound great! May Buster enjoy this and many more in the future! 🙂


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