7 Reasons You Should Visit Great Wolf Lodge (with a Paw Pass)

great wolf lodge paw pass

We love staycations in my family and are always looking for great locations to visit that are not far from home.  Great Wolf Lodge is a quick drive for us and has become a spot that my daughters like to celebrate their birthday’s and my husband likes to go to avoid the sun and still be able to swim!  They even decorate your door for free when you tell them you are having a birthday when you make your reservations or by simply asking the front desk!

birthday at great wolf lodge


There is so much to do and see there for kids and adults of all ages including free water park passes with your stay.  You can use the water park the day you check in and the day you check out so you get your monies worth for sure!  Since there is so much to do (and buy) another way you can make sure you don’t break the bank is to purchase a Paw Pass because believe me, your kids are going to want to do everything.

We did receive complimentary Paw Passes so we could bring you this review but opinions are 100% my own.

Talk about kids feeling like VIP!  My kids thought they were so cool wearing these around their neck and showing them at each station we went to to take advantage of the stuff.  On the back of the paw print are the goodies you get to do and they are crossed out once you redeem them by staff.  The total savings is 35% using a Paw Pass versus buying each one of these items below separately.  Ready for adventure?

Here are 7 reasons to visit Great Wolf Lodge (and get a Paw Pass)!

Reason 1- You get Glitz Glitter tattoos!  My kids loved them and were able to use their creativity to pick the one they wanted!  There is a big list of designs to chose from and they can also pick the colors they want!   They stayed on for about a week but would of come off sooner if we wanted them to!

great wolf lodge paw pass

Reason 2- Head on over to MagiQuest for a good old fashioned game of MagiQuest or ShadowQuest.  The Paw Pass is good for 1 game and even your choice of Magi belt, classic wand, standard topper or compass.  All things you will need on your quest!  My girls had so much fun running the halls on their enchanted quest!  Older kids will love this adventure game that takes about 30 minutes to 3 hours to complete.

MagiQuest game

Reason 3- Are you ready for some candy?  When I say candy I mean a huge jelly bean filling station!  Your paw pass lets you fill up a huge cup of Jelly Beans! Look at this station?  Every flavor in the book plus you get to keep your cup as a souvenir!  My whole family enjoyed this one, not just the kiddo’s!  Get them hopped up on sugar and let them run the halls or swim at the water park open daily until 8pm!

candy at great wolf lodge

Reason 4- Head on over to the Creation Station and pick yourself up a cute and snuggly Great Wolf kids Character.  Similar to Build-a-Bear, you get to pick the character and watch them fill it with stuffing right there!  There are several of the same characters that you see walking around Great Wolf Lodge to choose from and even little clothes you can purchase to dress them.  We picked Violet and were also able to score some cute little outfits for her!  Your Paw Pass not only lets you get a character but also comes with the Clubhouse Crew Adventure Game.  This game was great for my kids (ages 4 & 6) because it was easy for them to play.  Each character has a chip in their hand which you wave in front of the screen and listen to the instructions.  It’s like a scavenger hunt for kids but be ready to go find the next kiosk with your next clue.  They are placed all over the resort!

clubhouse crew adventure game

Reason 5- Souvenir photo time!  Don’t forget to take a family photo while you are there by a professional photographer!  This 6×8 photo comes in a neat little frame that your kids are able to pick the background for their photo.  We picked the dragon so every time my kids look at it they will be able to remember their trip and how much fun they had!  Since we had 2 Paw Passes we were even able to take a family photo with a different background also!

great wolf lodge photo

Reason 6- Leather Treaty Bracelets with your child’s name on them from the Name Shop!  This was my fav take home from the paw pass because it was something my kids could wear every day!  They enjoyed picking out their braclet (lots of styles and colors to choose from) and watching the machine print their name on them!  Totally cool!

bracelets from great wolf lodge

Reason 7- No trip to Great Wolf Lodge is complete until you go to the water park and what do you need at a water park?  Swim googles of course!  Your Paw Pass gets you one pair of select Great Wolf Lodge goggles found at the swim shop outside the water park!  My kids loved them and so did Mom as they can use them once we leave when we swim!

We recommend a Paw Pass when visiting Great Wolf Lodge if you are going to take in some of the attractions!  The kids loved picking out all their goodies and besides they make really cool take home souvenirs also!  There is lots to do at Great Wolf Lodge for free also like The Great Clock Tower Show, Yoga Tails for kids, arts & crafts, kids bingo, nightly story time and much more so you can’t go wrong either way!  Hopefully one of their over 15 locations is not to far from you!  Check it out!

Have fun on your next trip!


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  1. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Thank you for this great review! We have been to a great wolf lodge but will definitely be getting a paw pass next trip! I never heard of the paw pass before 🙂 thx!

  2. Sarah Frank
    Sarah Frank says:

    We have yet to visit a Great Wolf lodge! But I’ve heard a lot of good things about it! There is one nearby us we will have to check out when my daughter gets a little older 🙂


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