Stop Trying to Catch Your Kids Being Bad Instead Catch Them Being GOOD #Parentingwin

I have two beautiful, smart and full of life little girls!  They are always testing the waters and pushing the limits when it comes to the rules and doing things they know can get them in trouble.  Don’t get me wrong, they are very good and well behaved most of the time but they like to have fun and explore so that gets them in trouble.  Over the summer we had slipped into a very bad routine where we would have to ask them 5 times to brush their teeth before they would listen or repeat ourselves over and over again when it was time for them to do their chores.  They were not listening and doing whatever they wanted to do.  I was spending so much time trying to catch them doing something wrong or critiquing the “bad” behavior and was at a breaking point.  Something had to change, and it did, I tried something else and it is working much better for us!

praise your kids when they do good

Catch Them Being GOOD

I recently discovered the Boys Town Email Series which is several FREE ​emails to help you with your parenting challenges. Each series consists of weekly ​emails that run 4-6 weeks and discuss a specific parenting issue, include a teaching activity and​ a ​relevant ​social skill.  Boys Town is backed by 100 years of research and experience and their content is developed by psychiatrists, psychologists and parenting experts, so I felt confident in their information, tips and advice.  There are many topics to pick from so I picked the Parenting Principles series and the topics hit home right away with the first one being “Offering Effective Praise.”

boys town email series

Parenting Techniques that Work

This series taught me to look for and identify good behavior frequently and consistently.  Wow, I never thought of that!  I mean I did a little bit but not frequently and consistently.   I noticed when I told them “Thank you so much for helping Mommy put away the dishes, it really helps me” or “I like how you are being so nice to your sister, it makes me so happy” that they started going out of their way to do NICE and appropriate things to get more praise.  Boys Town suggests in their email series that you praise your child four times for every one time you correct him/her.

parenting tips for negative behavior

Boys Town Email Series

Parenting is hard and sometimes we just don’t have all the answers!  It is awesome to know that there is help out there when we need it!  Boys Town email series has a lot of tips at your fingertips on important topics such as potty training, toddler tantrum, teen disciple, success in school, sleep issues, kids and technology and so much more!  I am going to spend a lot more time trying to catch my girls being good from now on that’s for sure!

Check it out here and sign up for your free email series and build up your parenting tool box!  Let me know what you think of it!  It takes a village, that’s for sure! #Parentingwin