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The Perfect Handbag for Going to Grandma’s House in Style

Top Tier Style Leather Handbag Review

We live life on the go and are always in need of quality handbags to carry back and forth for me and the kids!  Top Tier Style contacted us to review these cute handbags and Mom Always Knows did receive them at no cost in exchange for this review but all opinions are 100% our own.

top tier style purse

My kids like to be just like me so they usually pack up their own bags when we hit the pool, the gym or their favorite place; Grandmas house.  These bags are the perfect size (30cmx50cm) for a couple of their favorite toys, PJ’s, shoes and a change of clothes.  They come in a variety of colors on the website including pink, red, silver, black, light blue, wine, gold, grey and more.

pink leather handbag

We selected the pink and light blue (more like aqua) and love them!  There is a tassel on the side and they came with cute scarfs tied on the sides that my daughters are using for their baby dolls currently but think accessorizing YOUR outfits!  The inner part of the purse is polyester and has a cell phone pocket as well for more storage!

aqua leather handbag

The website says they are leather and they sure look and feel like leather but don’t smell like leather so I can not be sure but the price point would say they were not at $25.99 since this is a rather nice size bag.  Perfect for kids or Moms on the go because at that price point, you could buy 2!

These handbags are MAK approved for sure!

Check out their site HERE!  They have lots of goodies like sunglasses, gloves, shoes, clothes, jewelry and more!

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