Mom Hack- Review IntelliDent Toothbrush & Mouth Guard Shield

Traveling this 4th of July or summer?  We are and I am always looking for ways to ease the pain of packing! Being Mom, the responsibility falls on you whether it’s packing for the week, weekend or even an overnight.  Well this little hack can make your life easier- and cleaner!

Mom Hack—- IntelliDent Toothbrush Shield and Mouth Guard Shields.

We all take toothbrushes/mouth guards with us when we travel but how do you transport them?  Do you have one of those plastic cases?  Do you put them in a Ziploc baggy?  Whatever your method is, I promise you, it is not clean.

*I received a set of the pictured Intellident Toothbrush and Mouth guard Shields in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Studies have shown that plastic caps and covers retain moisture and constrict air flow making them a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.  The Center for Disease Control discourages the use of plastic covers.    A damp dental device stored in a dark place can breed germs also leading to risk of contamination.  Yuck!

The IntelliDent Toothbrush Shield was tested to be a 99.9% effective barrier against airborne and surface bacteria, by the Nelson Laboratories, Salt Lake City, UT.  Nelson Laboratories is a leading provider of full, life-cycle microbiology testing for the medical device, pharmaceutical, and natural product industries.

The Toothbrush and Mouth Guard shields come in boxes of 10 or 12 (1 shield last 7 days)  and can be purchased at Rite Aid & Walgreen’s Stores.  Wal-Mart sells the Toothbrush Shields at $1.96 a box so they are actually less cost then your traditional yucky plastic cover since there are 10 in a box.  They are small, light and perfect for travel.  Just open wrapper and put on toothbrush or mouth piece.  Easy Peasy!

Available also online at .

MAK approved.  We use Intellident Toothbrush Shields and it is so much easier then having to remember if I cleaned my plastic toothbrush case (for all 4 of us) or not the last time we used them.  They also take up less room in my make up bag then the plastic containers did so that is a plus!

What are you waiting for!  Go get one!

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  1. Karlyn cruz
    Karlyn cruz says:

    I never knew that this kind of cover for toothbrush is existed. It looks great! Glad to know this. I am so amazed.

  2. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Intellident toothbrush shields sound like something I need for my family! The plastic covers just don’t seem to do the job. I’ll have to pick a few of these up on my next shopping trip!

  3. Carol Cassara
    Carol Cassara says:

    This sounds like a convenient way to keep your toothbrush free from germs and the like. It’s definitely something that I’d get for me and my husband. It’s compact too, makes it easier to keep in your hygiene kit when traveling.


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