How My Kids Became Fearless Learners over the Summer

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Summer is meant to be fun for kids! We played, swam, toured and rested!  However, something that is very important in my household is learning, especially year round!  There is such a gap between when school lets out in May to when the kids go back in the fall!  We did our best with short lessons and learning sessions but I needed something more!  I didn’t want my kids to forget everything they had learned at school over the summer so I was so excited to receive 1 month free membership and tutoring from Explore Horizons in exchange for this review!

My Kids became fearless learners at Explore Horizons

Explore Horizons provide enrichment and tutoring in math, reading and writing, for children of all abilities in Pre-K to 8th grade. Their specialty is elementary & middle school education, so I was very excited to get my girls in as I have one starting Pre-K and one starting Kinder in the fall.

We had a great experience at Explore Horizons from start to finish!  Our first step was the free in-person assessment.  When you arrive at the center, you are greeted by a tutor at the door and sign in!  Everyone is always so friendly and welcoming and knows your child!  That is comforting for sure!  tutoring for kids


At the parent assessment we talked about my girls requirements, met the tutors and staff and toured the center.  It took about an hour and all my questions were answered!  The girls were even asked about their likes, dislikes, interests, etc.  They felt very important.  : )explore horizons parent assessment

My kids were excited, to say the least, about the chance to earn prizes in exchange for “lizard cards” and the board game on the wall.  If they ask questions or for help they get to move their game piece at the end of the session.  Same with the “lizard cards” which were earned at the end of each tutoring session.  What a great way to engage the kids in play while they learn!  When you make learning fun, the sky is the limit!

learning for kids make it fun

explore horizons prize cabinet


As a busy Mom, I never know what my schedule will be from week to week so the ability to come in twice a week anytime with no appointment was truly a benefit.  Another plus is since you drop them off and the session last 75 minutes that is ample amount of time to run to the grocery store, pay some bills or take care of whatever errands you might have kid-free!

My daughters are different ages and at different stages of learning so I love that Explore Horizons provides an individualized learning plan for each child. They use a range of fantastic online tools and can really tailor it to suit your child.  They track your child’s progress and each time they come back to the center, they are able to sign in and pick up where they left off.  My kids love that their lessons were on the computer and being computer savvy we all know is a plus these days as well!

tutoring for pre-k

tutoring for kinder

The Tutor to student ratio is 6:1 so 1 tutor is available to help 6 kids if they need help.  The tutors stay in one station and help all the kids sitting in those stations with whatever they are working on.

When you arrive to pick up your kids, you are given an assessment card of what they did that day and what area they might of had trouble in or need work in so you can help at home too!  My kids favorite part of the day was the handing out of the famous lizard cards as well as seen below which are filled with more learning tips front and back and redeemable for prizes also once you get so many.  At the end of each session, you usually earn 3 or 4 of these as well.

explore horizons session card

Explore Horizons Lizard card

Final Assessment of Explore Horizons:

Explore Horizons is the perfect partner for academic success.  My kids were excited to go to each one of their sessions this summer and learned several things.  I feel it helped them gain confidence to prepare them to be ready to go back to school!  We will for sure keep Explore Horizons in mind if and when my kids start to slide backwards in school or just need an extra boost as they progress through their school career!  I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a tutoring center for their kids!

Their programs teach children to:

* Define Problems
* Ask Questions
* Hunt for Answers
* Capture Thoughts Clearly
* Tackle Tests Fearlessly
* Exude Confidence

Why not schedule a free in-person assessment at your nearest Explore Horizons tutoring center, and find out how they can help your child become a fearless learner. Find out more at Explore Horizons today!

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