Beddy’s All In One Zip Up Bedding Review

By Elizabeth Hurt


It was a Sunday that I first fell in love with Beddy’s.  I was not even in the market and had even finally finished both my girls rooms with PBK quilts and decor.  I still love PBK and will always use them but let me get back to my story.  A friend of mine had just moved into a new house and was giving me the tour.  She has 5 bedrooms so it was taking awhile.  1st stop,  babies room, decorated with the cutest shabby chic decor you could image.  2nd stop and low and behold was the first time I laid eyes on the “Beddy’s.”  I immediately noticed the ruffles and the colors and the “neat” look and asked her what it was.  She said it was one of those zip beds but not the “cheap ugly” ones from TV.  She proceeded to tell me and then show me all three of her daughters beds with different style Beddy’s.   My friend Miranda (the one with the Beddy’s) said “I love our beddy’s. It has made a huge difference in our kids being able to make their beds and keep their rooms looking clean.  I suggest them for all Mom’s.”  I was done, fork in me, had to have it.

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I went home that night and searched the Beddy’s website and other sites that might sell Beddy’s.  Checking eBay there were hardly any for sale and really nowhere else but Amazon to buy one.  Usually, that is a good thing, meaning people are holding on to theirs because they like them and they are good quality.  I found a coupon on the Beddy’s facebook page for 20% off and decided to splurge on some Beddy’s for my girls.  On Thursday, less than a week later, my new Beddy’s arrived so super fast and free shipping too!

Here is my review, now that we have had our Beddy’s for a couple of months, for any Mama’s who might be wondering about them!

The first thing that drew me to the Beddy’s was the neat and clean look.  The exterior is quilted, very soft, and fits over the top of the mattress like a fitted sheet.  This creates a very “neat” look like a quilt tucked neatly in all around.  No more sloppy blankets laying around everywhere all day and falling off your kids at night.


The second thing about the Beddy’s that I loved was the ruffles, patterns, colors and shabby chic design of the 2 I picked.  There are several that I feel are shabby chic but I picked the ‘Sweet Dreams” and “Always Enchanting” sets.  Very shabby chic and matched all my existing decor and color schemes.

The third thing I love about them is the ease for me and my kids to make the bed.  My 5-year-old is just now starting with chores and this was one of them!  She actually looks forward to making her bed and does it many times without me asking.  My younger daughter doesn’t make her bed yet so it is so much easier for me to just zip it up.

We have a bed rail on my youngest daughters bed so she won’t fall out but this would be a great solution for a Mom looking for a way to keep an older kid in the bed without a bed rail in my opinion.  Once that thing is zipped up, it is very sturdy and secure and would hold them in place.  The inside is a soft minky fabric, which my kids love, and I can attest as well since I have spent a few nights myself sleeping inside of the Beddy’s.

The twin bed is a trundle bed so we didn’t need a bed skirt for her bed but my oldest queen size bed needed a bed skirt so we bought the matching “Sweet Dreams” skirt and it is to die for!  All the sets have coordinating skirts, shams, and pillows.  See the pictures and tell me what you think in the comments below!

We have had had a couple of accidents on them and the top cover zips off for easier washing or if you just want to wash it.  We have a twin and a queen set and they both fit nicely in the washer, just make sure you wash them as suggested by the manufacturer.  The color has stayed the same through the washes so far and my only only only only complaint is the zipper has lost a little of its color coating on one of my sets (see pic below.)

Zipper losing some of the Aqua coating. : (


Our Beddy’s are AMAZING and Miranda and I both wish we had one for our King size beds! : )  Here are my kids goofing around and they wanted to tell you they approve as well!

Don’t let the price point fool you!  You would easily spend this or more if you bought nice bedding and bought a fitted sheet, top sheet, sham, pillowcase, and comforter.  With Beddy’s it is all-in-one.  No mess, no fuss!  Perfect for the busy Mom, one less thing to juggle!♥

Go straight to Beddy’s here

Until next time…Keep up the Juggle..



10 replies
  1. Anton
    Anton says:

    This is the first time i’ve heard of Beddy’s. I desperately need something that will help my kids make their own beds so maybe this is the product i should be getting. Time to check it out.

  2. kathryn Maher
    kathryn Maher says:

    These are a great idea..Beddy’s this is the first time I’ve heard of them. I love the vintage look of the patterns of the styles you’ve showcased on your post. The zips along the sides are a great idea too.

  3. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    That bedding is really adorable! I am sold with how cute it is and how easy it is for busy moms. I will 5 have kids soon so anything that can make life a little easier is really great.

  4. Anmaria Djong
    Anmaria Djong says:

    I love the design, color, ruffles, patterns, colors and shabby chic design. Didn’t know they all come in one. It definitely a life saver for busy mummy like us.

  5. Claudia Blanton
    Claudia Blanton says:

    oh my, those are really pretty – wish they would have had these when my daughter was little, but she has outgrown bedsheets like that a long time ago. Still, I will point anyone with younger girls toward them, and yes the price is not that bad. Blessings!

  6. Arra Odeza
    Arra Odeza says:

    I love the mix of colors and the design. I think it will look good in my daughter’s room. Unfortunately, it’s kinda pricey. I hope they could lessen the price

  7. Bonnie
    Bonnie says:

    My daughter has been asking for a zippy zap that’s similitude to this but I just didn’t like how cheesy they looked, but these are so cute and girly!

  8. Jess
    Jess says:

    We love our Beddy’s too! Thanks for sharing! I do wish they were a little less expensive but ours have lasted about a year so hopefully it will stay good for long time!


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