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To the Brand New Mama–27 bits of Amazing Advice Just for You!

Awesome advice for New Mamas

Mother’s day is next week- whoo hoo!  My first Mother’s Day I was beaming from ear to ear with a happy healthy 7-month-old in tow but I was also struggling at the same time to learn this thing we all call motherhood.  Fast forward 5 years and 5 Mother’s Day’s later, I have learned so much and much of it from other Mama’s who have been there and done that.  I wanted to share some encouragement and advice geared towards other new Mom’s who might be struggling right about now!

We enlisted 26 other Mom’s and are bringing it straight to you!  Make sure you stop by and see some of them for more advice, coupons, printables and all sorts of goodies!  Enjoy and Happy Mother’s Day!!!  We hope you have a wonderful day!


advice for new moms

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♥27 Amazing Bits of Advice♥

  • Cara at Jazzie Beans– Being a mom is wonderful, but it is hard as all get out 😉 It is okay to take time for yourself, even if it is only 5 minutes. It truly is better to just put your baby in the crib if he/she is crying and walk away for a few minutes to regain your sanity!!
  • Nicola at For the Love of Jars– My best piece of advice is to paint your toenails.  I don’t care if you do it yourself or if you get a pedicure but no matter how crap, tired, useless, exhausted you feel everyone will think you’ve got it sorted if your toenails are painted!!_
  • Summer at Summer Price – The best advice I’d give to new moms is … Give yourself some time to adjust to this new life. The desire to “do it all” might be strong, do your best to ignore it. Take time to just sit on the couch. The housework will be there when you are ready, you can shower tomorrow. Don’t rush back into “real life” Take a moment to enjoy this time.
  • Jessi with BohemiMama – Stay IN bed until you’ve gotten your usual number of hours actually sleeping! If you normally need 8 hours sleep to feel rested and healthy, then stay in bed as long as it takes to get those 8 hours, even if it takes 12 or more. Then, get up, shower, dress, and face the new day.
  • Karen at The Momma Chef: 6 Ingredients 6 Minutes Prep – It gets easier, I promise! I remember counting down the days until my newborn was 3 months old so I could start letting him cry a bit at night, well that newborn just turned 12 years old! It’s hard to cherish the time when you are so sleep deprived but just remember that all the exhausting newborn crap is only temporary and let yourself get used to being a parent, it takes time!
  • Melody at DosMommas – Don’t wish for future milestones to come sooner! Your little one grows up so fast and you can take the day-to-day for granted, especially as a new mom. Take a mental (or real) picture of your little one every day because they won’t be your tiny little baby forever!  And learn how to change a diaper in under 10 seconds- especially if you have a boy!
  • Ashley, Founder/CEO at The Sharing Exchange – Do what works best for you, your baby and your family. No one else’s opinions matter.
    • Take time for yourself at least once per week. Get out of the house for an hour or two, read quietly in your bedroom, take a long shower. Self care is so critically important!
    • Poop alone once per day. Kick your little ones out of the bathroom and enjoy your time alone without someone grabbing at your leggings and begging to be picked up. If hubby’s can take 30+ minutes in the bathroom, we moms certainly deserve 10 free uninterrupted minutes too!

  • Leah from Cedar Street -Find time for yourself everyday, even if it’s just for 30 minutes. Reach out to friends and stay in community if you don’t have family nearby. It can be hard with a newborn to have the energy to socialize, but being  yourself with a newborn all the time can be lonely and lead to depression. Nap when the baby naps. Lastly, ask for help!
  • Elna from Twins Mommy – The best tip I can give you is to listen to yourself. You’re going to get a lot of tips from other moms and your mom and everyone’s mom. But only you know your own child. As a mom to twins I had everyone telling me what to do and not do. In the end, I trusted my instincts. They’re four years old and thriving J
  • Stephanie at You are my Sonshine -Swallow your pride and let others help you. I have a hard time letting other people, even my husband, do things for me. You will be tired, exhausted, in pain, and recovering. Your primary focus should be on letting yourself heal from birth and taking care of your new child. If someone offers to do the dishes, let them. If someone offers to fold the laundry, give it to them. You have time to be your “super mom” self later, once you are sleeping better and feeling better.
  • Talia of Living Sowell Blog – I think, a big thing to remember is that your main job is to prepare this little person to live and function in the real world. If you remember that little sentence and apply it to certain situations, you will be golden. Think about it, when they’re newborns you have to train them to sleep and eat (real world stuff). Plus, that rule can be applied throughout their whole upbringing. I haven’t raised a teenager yet, but I’m thinking remembering that little tidbit will be crucial. Wink, wink. When in doubt, think “how can I best prepare this little person (with love and kindness) for the real world?”
  • Sheyla from The Momma Chronicles – Try to clean while baby sleeps.  It will be so tempting to sleep while baby sleeps during those first few weeks, but the housework will pile up quicker then you know.
  • Elizabeth of Mom Always Knows – Just breathe!  You got this!  God won’t ever give you more then you can handle and you can handle this!  Let the housework pile up, who cares about that!  Take care of you and that new baby.  Learn about each other and enjoy!  It goes so quick!  Seriously!  Take pictures and videos of everything!  My girls are 4 and 5 now and love love love watching the videos when they were little!  We put them on the laptop and loop them and they seriously entertain themselves watching for hours! : )
  • Lori at How She Quits – It doesn’t matter how prepared you are, how many children you’ve had nor what you tell yourself…..every time you hold your newborn baby in your arms and sniff the top of their sweet little head, you will swear on your mother’s grave that you will never, ever again set foot in your office or a job of any kind.   There is some kind of anti-work hormone released when you go through childbirth.   It slowly wears off.  For some people it’s a couple weeks.  For others its a couple month or even years.   So don’t make any drastic decisions while those anti-work hormones are racing.  You will be able to balance it all.  You will find some sanity and purpose outside of your home.  I know this so well as a mother of 4 kids.  With #4 I even knew it was coming and told myself to be ready for those moments of crunching spreadsheets with my newborn in my arms trying to figure out exactly how our budget could work with one income.   I knew it and I couldn’t fight it!   So do yourself a favor and don’t call your boss until cooler heads and hearts prevail.   In the meantime, snuggle up that infant!
  • Daisha at Daisha Renee -It may seem like a good idea at the time to get chores done while the baby / kids are down for a nap or spending the day with grandma. NO! You need rest. This is so important, because we need time to recharge our mom batteries and be ready for the next wave of tantrums. Wearing yourself down to the brink of exhaustion is never a good thing.
  • Poorvi at Happy Mommy -While taking care of your new born baby, don’t forget to take care of yourself. I know it’s hard with all the sleepless nights, breastfeeding struggles, but your baby needs you the most, so you have be as healthy as you can. Household chores and other stuff can be taken care by your spouse or family members or other help. Mama needs her rest.
  • Tamara with Parenting 2-Home Kids -Sleep when the baby sleeps. If you are nursing awesome, but if the baby is not sleeping much, it is ok to allow someone else to feed the baby. Even if they give the new babe formula once in awhile, it is ok. Many people have survived to adulthood, after being fed formula.
  • Adree at The Keele Deal– Enjoy each moment, your kids grow so fast. That’s what I keep telling myself! Also, don’t worry if “take a shower” is something that doesn’t get crossed off your to do list in the morning, we have all been there. Midnight showers are one of my favorites! ?


  • Corinna of The Mommy Clause – Establish a buffer zone of time after your baby is born.  The first few days and weeks can be a one way ticket to Crazy Town!  You will need space to get your bearings.  It’s okay to put off visitors for a few weeks.  The baby will still be “new” and you’ll have a much better chance of filtering out everyone’s “advice”.
  • Meagan at Our Poetic Chaos – Be kind to you, all days won’t be perfect. We are all moms with different talents, different backgrounds, and experiences. We will have good days and bad, it doesn’t mean one is inferior to another, but each of us are resources to one another. It took me a long time to see that some of those mamas I would feel intimidated by are some I could learn and those who seemed to have it all together we’re the ones who like me challenged their mothering skills. No one has it all together all the time.
  • Tracy at Frugal Florida Mom– Give away your kid whenever you can. 😉 Yes, that sounds harsh, but if I had let my screaming newborn baby sleep in the hospital nursery the first few nights I wouldn’t have been on the verge of losing my mind and would have been able to enjoy my new, precious baby more.  And when they get older, leave them with family or babysitters to go on a date, get a pedicure or just take a walk. Self care is vital to sanity
  • Maryam with Blazing From Home – Don’t waste these special moments wishing that your kids will grow up fast, leave your house and do stuff for themselves. Embrace this phase, cherish it, take photos, make videos and celebrate special events and do all you can. Make them happy, and make yourself happy too. You’d one day wish for these moments, but can’t get them back, only memories
  • Natasha at The Viecco Vault – People are going to have so much advice to give you, don’t let it overwhelm (or annoy) you.  Just smile, nod, and take everything with a grain of salt.  At the end of the day you know what is best for you and your baby.  Trust yourself!
  • Stephanie of Blended Life Happy Wife – To remember Moms need and deserve a break.  If you are breastfeeding you aren’t a cow.  You are a wonderful source of nourishment for your baby and you don’t always have to go visit people, they can come to you.
  • Emily and Sherrie at Forever Young Moms – Trust your instincts, you know what’s best for your baby.  And, they’re more durable than you think!  Keep up the great work, you can do it!
  • Mae with The Gospel of Beauty – Don’t wish for future milestones to come sooner! Your little one grows up so fast and you can take the day-to-day for granted, especially as a new mom. Take a mental (or real) picture of your little one every day because they won’t be your tiny little baby forever!  And learn how to change a diaper in under 10 seconds- especially if you have a boy

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24 replies
  1. Katina | Desk of Katina Davenport
    Katina | Desk of Katina Davenport says:

    Such great advice from a community of moms. May I add…eat a balanced breakfast and drink plenty of water. When I started making this a priority my attitude, strength, and focus is much better. My last baby was born two years ago. I tried skipping breakfast but I found myself weak and cranky. Then I accidentally dehydrated myself because I didn’t pay attention to my water intake.

  2. Leigh Anne Borders
    Leigh Anne Borders says:

    I love reading posts like this. They give me such inspiration and remind me to hang in there.

  3. Emma white
    Emma white says:

    These a great tips! I wish i had advice like this when i was pregnant with my 1st, 18 years ago now, i really like the self care one. With a new baby, or even 2nd and 3rd its really easy to forget to take care of yourself when your so busy and using your free time to catch up on sleep!

  4. Karlyn Cruz
    Karlyn Cruz says:

    Love all the advice listed! It’s not an easy journey but always worth it! The smiles and kisses from little ones are the best rewards!

  5. Derika
    Derika says:

    These rang soo true to me when my littlest was a newborn. Thankfully, I listened to advice and didn’t try to do everything. My husband and I took shifts at night, so life was easier. I felt invincible after 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep! I do miss those days and crave for another!

  6. Michelle Waller
    Michelle Waller says:

    This is an amazing post for new moms. My advice would be taking time to yourself, at least once a day. It helps new moms to stay grounded.

  7. Tina Gleisner
    Tina Gleisner says:

    What a great idea to get lots of different points of view, as we’re different as Moms … our kids are different. And it is important to find the things that make it a win-win.

  8. Amy
    Amy says:

    Lovely list of advice and great way to feature some awesome mom bloggers! With 27 entries, There should be at least one piece if not more that resonates with many readers . Cheers

  9. Heather
    Heather says:

    I’m a mother of three, soon to be four and I all the advice! I am so glad this isn’t my first rodeo, but this is definitely advice I wish I would’ve had ten years ago!


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