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6 Surprising Ways to Save Money on Baby Gear

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6 Surprising Ways to Save Money on Baby Gear That you Need to Know!

Now that I’ve been a mama for six whole months now, the No. 1 tip I would give other mothers is that you probably don’t need as much stuff for your child as you’re buying. And you’re probably not stocking enough on the stuff you do need.

For example, did you know that elephant teething toy at Target is just as effective as Sophie the Giraffe, but it’s much cheaper? With all this said, here’s how you can save tons of money when you’re preparing for your baby’s arrival.

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Family and Friends

The best thing that you can do is tell your family and friends what you need for your little one. Most of the time family and friends are going to jump at the chance to buy cute and fun clothes and baby items (especially if it’s your first). Don’t be afraid to tell your family and friends what you need and see what they get you. Also, make sure people know that you are also welcome to hand-me-downs. Don’t be the person that is “too good” for hand-me downs.

Of course, there are some things that you don’t want; clothes with poop stains, things that are broken or have foul smells. And you should NEVER take used car seats or cribs from anybody. Both of these items have recalls sometimes and if you get them used you will not have any idea if they’ve been recalled. You also don’t know about their history (once a  car seat has gotten in a crash it cannot be used). So, if somebody wants to give you either of these items you can politely decline. A crib and a car seat are two things you need to buy new!

Consignment Stores

There are awesome baby consignment stores across the United States such as Once Upon A Child, Goodwill and True Value. You can find some amazing things there. Children grow up so quickly and sometimes parents buy brand new clothes, toys and gear that they never actually use and then they sell it (or give it away) to different stores and you get to benefit! Before you buy any new items, check these stores first. Consignment stores are great for traditionally pricier items like double jogging strollers and jogging stroller and car seat combos.

Facebook Groups

Take advantage of social media when it comes to finding awesome items. You can join Facebook “For sale” groups or even “Baby sell” groups that you can check out and find some great deals on some killer items like kitchen playsets that would otherwise cost a small fortune. When you find an item you want, you can ask if it’s still available. Once you agree on a price you can then meet with the seller and grab the item.


The best thing to get from coupons is wipes and diapers! You will find that you go through so many diapers a day that you’ll lose count. If you haven’t had your baby yet, the best piece of mom advice I can give you is to start stocking up NOW! Start clipping those coupons and become a coupon crazy lady (or man)! Also, baby wipes can be used for anything – and this will make you tear through them even faster.

Check Insurance First

Before you purchase some things make sure you check your insurance first. Most health insurance companies will cover your breast pump and some may even cover your car seat. They may cover nothing, but it would make you very upset at yourself if you bought an expensive item if it could have been for free.

Shop Around Before Buying

The worst mistake you could make in buying baby items is to purchase the first item that you see (especially for the larger items). Instead, be sure you’re doing your research on Amazon. Don’t make the mistake of buying the first item you see from the first store. I have made the mistake of buying something in the store on impulse, then realizing I overpaid. For example, instead of rushing to buy my Graco Snugride and matching Elite Stroller at Target, I started watching them on Amazon. Then, I pounced during the holiday shopping season and bought them at deep discounts. I also did this with our Pack ‘n Play and car seat bases. Unless you have a baby in your arms and you don’t have a car seat, then you don’t need to hurry up and purchase right that second.

They Probably Don’t Need As Much As You Think They Do

I know that having a baby is overwhelming and everybody will tell you how expensive babies and children are. However, you will be surprised about how little babies need. They don’t need all the fancy and high-end equipment. They don’t need 3,000 toys. In fact, you’ll find that your child would rather play with your shoe than their expensive toys.

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