5 Chores your 5-yr-old can do (and should)

I used to be the kind of Mom that liked to do everything myself because I liked it done a certain way and no one could do it right but recently as more demands have been placed on me at work and at home, I have had to adjust my thinking.  My husband has been suggesting the last few months that we institute a chore system with our daughters with an allowance but I always thought that they were too young and I thought they were not capable of doing anything that would be of real value.

When my siblings and I were young, we always had chores so the more I thought about and researched it, I could come up with nothing but positive outcomes to having our kids start doing chores around the house.  My husband and I got together and implemented 5 easy chores that our 5-yr-old daughter could do and earn an allowance each week if her daily chores were completed.  See my post here for our 4-yr old’s chore list.

Some families I know set certain days for certain chores while others have their child do all the chores in one setting, it is up to you, that is the beauty of your chore list.  Allowance amounts can range from actual cash amounts, trips to get ice cream, chore bucks or nothing at all.  I like the allowance idea because it is a good head start on teaching about currency and earning, but that’s okay too if you decide not to offer an allowance and make it an expected part of your routine.  That is good for them also.  Parents.com has a great article here about allowance and chores as well.

♥P’s Chore List♥

  1.  Empty the Dishwasher.  Do a quick visual sweep for any sharp knives or breakable objects and grab those yourself but then let your child go to town.  They probably can’t reach the high cabinets to be able to put things away but I have my daughter put everything on the stove for me and I put it up from there.  She is a master at the silverware as well as plates.  She is learning organization skills and doesn’t even know it.
  2. Empty the Trash.  I am not talking about the big trash in the kitchen but all the small trash cans throughout the house.  At this age they are more than capable of going around and bringing them all into the kitchen to dump.  Hey, it is saving my husband and I a few minutes a week.
  3. Making their bed!  I recently splurged and purchased my daughter a Beddy All in one Bedding so they could make their bed.  I suggest this 100%(My Beddy’s Review) but even if you don’t have one, teach them how to make their bed.  It will probably be sloppy, well it will be sloppy, but will get better with age and a good habit for them to start.
  4. Hang up their clothes–  This was one that helped me immensely.  Their hang-up clothes would just sit around until I had time to hang them.  My daughter now hangs many of her own clothes.  I give her 5-10 every few days or so and this has really been a life saver.
  5. Sweep the floors.  We have tile and hardwood throughout so I usually just have her do a room or 2.  Yes, I have to go back behind her but she doesn’t know that.  : )  She is just learning and learning to do it with a happy heart.  Many times we talk about helping and how Jesus likes when we help.

(Bonus Chore on our list)  Being kind and Respectful every day.♥♥♥♥

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Use your lists Moms!  I love the Cozi App and use it for all sorts of things (Cozi review ) and this is one of these things that the lists come in handy!  P’s Chore list is there and as it changes I can edit it and even assign it to my husband and will to my daughter once she gets old enough to have a phone.  You should Try the Cozi Family Organizer today. It’s FREE! We also have the chore list hung up on the fridge for everyone to see, especially my daughter!  She loves marking off what she has done and asks about what her chores are for the next day! The chore chart we use is pictured below and you can print your own FREE  here from our friends at The Gilded Pear.

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Keep up the juggle Moms, Blessings♥

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12 replies
  1. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I love the printables! My husband loads the dishwasher and he’s so anal about it, I don’t think he’ll let anyone go near it!

  2. Lauren
    Lauren says:

    One of the most important lessons we can teach our children is to be a team player for their family. This list was helpful as I have a five year old, and I’ll definitely be printing the chore chart from The Gilded Pear

  3. Elizabeth O
    Elizabeth O says:

    I have to admit that I wasn’t expected to do chores when I was growing up (I did my share anyway). Also, I didn’t implement it for my kids either and they are helpful… That said, I think it is a noble decision and one that can help kids learn about cooperation and organization around the house. It’s also a great way to learn new skills. 🙂


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