How Working from Home Will Make You a Better Parent By Daisha Renee

How Working from Home Will Make You a Better Parent

By Daisha Renee

I use to be just like you. Completely frustrated with the demand of commuting to and from work every day. Getting caught in the evening traffic on the way home, with not enough time to prepare and cook dinner for my family. Or how about picking the kids up late from daycare because traffic seemed a bit heavy or tying up loose ends before leaving the office.

For years I hated that life, especially once I became a single parent. I loathed getting home completely exhausted and not feeling like making a home cooked meal so I opted for take-out for convenience. Or being way too tired for a simple conversation with my kids. I even dreaded them asking me to read them a book before bed because all I wanted to was crash

These days my life is so different. I am way more hands on and always up-to-date with what’s going on with my kids either at school or daycare. If you’ve been struggling with whether to work from home, read on to understand why you should. It’s a parenting game changer and it’s made me a better mother.

The best part about working from home:

  1. Get to be with the kids more
  2. Making more home cooked meals, thus spending less money eating take out
  3. Putting the kids to bed every night
  4. Helping with homework or making sure homework was completed at their after-school care

Before I started working primarily at home I probably spent a total of 3 to 4 hours a day with my kids during the week and 8 hours total on the weekends. Now, I’m loving that I get to be with my kids more. Having to always make plans for someone else to pick up your kids from day/after school care or watch them on the weekends is a huge inconvenience.

Getting my kids to and from school absolutely makes my day. I get to hear about their day from their teachers first hand, instead of a chopped and screwed version from my mom. I honestly look forward to those mini-conferences with their teachers, because it allows me to address bad habits and behaviors with my children.

Since I started working from home we’re eating more home cooked meals. I don’t particularly care to cook every night, so I’ll usually cook just about every other day. Sundays, we usually have dinner at my mom’s, so I’ll cook Monday, leftovers for Tuesday and so on. The only days I order out are Friday’s and Saturday. I get to get the meal prep done before getting the kids from daycare, which saves a ton of time and allows me to multitask and focus on other things like the kids’ homework.

Another thing I love about working from home is that even when I’m working late and still get to put my kids to bed. Even better I now have the energy to read to them too. I love this because this is something they will remember once their older and my hope is that they become avid readers.

Last fall my daughter started kindergarten and with that transition came homework (inserts the hand-face-palm emoji). Now the very first thing I do when getting home with my minions is checking homework and going over site words. Before working from home I hoped that my daughter invoked that mother-daughter bond and completed her homework during after school care because she knew mommy had a tough day; not.

This is where I was failing as a parent. I don’t know why, but I relied on the fact that students were given time to work on their homework to assume that she was getting it done rather than talking to her. Talking to my daughter about the importance of getting even a small portion of her homework done during after school or even making sure she got some of it done when my mom picked her up changed. ​

Working from home has completely changed the way I parent. I’m more energetic and hands on. I don’t know what it is, but it’s something that is completely draining about commuter traffic. Working from home is really the best thing that has happened to me, besides my offspring.

If you’ve been wrestling with the idea of working from home, I say do it. You’ll save money all around from gas to food. More importantly, you’ll become a better parent. More observant, aware, and energetic. Find that perfect job and be the super mom you were always meant to be.

Daisha Renee

Daisha Renee is a single mom to three kids and  lover of yoga. Since becoming a single parent, she has made it her mission to find practical ways to make life easier, and  wants to do the same for other mothers as well. On her blog she provides helpful solutions for single parenting and alternative ways of dealing with depression.

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  1. Brooke
    Brooke says:

    My biggest motivation right now for getting a home business going is wanting to be there when my daughter gets off the bus. My parents were there for me and I valued it so much. That, and having family dinners every night.

  2. Ruth
    Ruth says:

    I have always worked at home. I was able to homeschool my kids and raise them the way I saw fit. Now that my two daughters are married and we finish school for the last time ever in a few weeks, I look back and see just how blessed I was to be able to do it. God provided EVERY TIME there was a need.


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