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A Mothers Love for her Son: Why I will love him too much!

Since I have two daughters and much of my site is focused on raising girls, I wanted to feature a story about a Mother and Son!  Make sure you check out Cathy on A Boy and His Mom to read more about her!  Thanks for Sharing Cathy!

Why I will love him too much!

By Cathy Goodwin

Each day it seems I turn on the TV and there is yet another story of innocent lives lost. As I drive by the municipal buildings the flags are at half mast again, another reminder, that people don’t always love one another.  I then turn to Facebook and read an article about a young Mom who lost her young son that rocked me to my core.  Even weeks later it still has had a profound affect on me.

Since my son was born and especially since my divorce, I have often been criticized for doing too much for my son.  Buying him too many things, giving in to his wishes too often….for actually loving him too much.  First of all, any mother that has to share custody of their children will understand my need to want to make up for the lost time when he is at his father’s.  Any mother that has lost a child, I am sure would support me in my need to ensure every short moment we have together is not wasted.

I lost my twin sister when we were just about to turn 8 years old, so just getting my son to that age was very weighing on me.  In my mind, I just needed to get him to 8, and then I could breathe a sigh of relief; if just for a moment.

I know that Moms are supposed to support each other but I know that there is often a lot of criticism if your parenting ways are not the same as others.   However, I am willing to face the criticism to love my son too much.

I will:

Let him sleep with me at night if he wants.  Soon he will be old enough to not want to sleep with his Mom and those cuddles will be a thing of the past.

Let him have treats after dinner (obviously in moderation.) What’s the old saying “Life is too short, eat dessert first?”

mothers love for her son

Let him stay up late once and a while watching TV together.  Soon Mom won’t be cool enough to hang out with so I will let him enjoy these moments as much as I do.

Let him act overly silly and boisterous when he needs to and lett him be the kid he wants to be.

Take him on little trips and activities as often as I can.  I can’t afford week long vacations to Disney or the islands, so let’s enjoy what I can afford.


Attend every extracurricular, every practice, every school event because soon enough college/university will call and there won’t be any of these events.

Let him have some extra screen time and stay in his pajamas all day when  he just wants to have a lazy day.  As adults, we all know that life can move too fast and we all want some down time every one and a while.

let your kids play more

Keep all his art work (rivaling a hoarder) so that when he’s older I can look back and enjoy.

Buy him toys and little gifts when it’s not his birthday or Christmas or any holiday.  Just because I want to.

Smother him with hugs and kisses until he tells me to stop.  I don’t see him every day, so this Mom has to make up for lost time.

i love my son

And I will love him too much any way I know how because I am reminded day in and day out how short life can be and I don’t ever want to have that “if I only I showed him I loved him more” moment.

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Cathy Goodwin

If someone told me on the day my son was born that six months later I would suddenly be a single Mom followed by a tumultuous divorce/custody battle, I would have thought you were crazy.
Fast forward years later, and here I am, in the world I never thought I would be in.  I am a single Mom with shared custody of a wonderful little boy.
The road getting here has definitely not been easy.  But thanks to an amazing family and circle of friends, I am moving forward and making the best of what I got.
This blog is my attempt to focus on the good things life has to offer and how to make the best of sometimes not the easiest of situations.

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  1. Meredith
    Meredith says:

    This is so sweet. It brought a tear to my eye as my oldest boy is getting ready to go to kindergarten this fall, and he’s turning into such a big guy! I’m trying to spend the summer living in every minute and loving on him as much as I can! Thanks so much for sharing!


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