Sunday Slime! This is a super easy way to make Glitter Slime!

So it was cold outside today and I thought it was a great day to make some glitter slime since my girls have been watching so many Youtube videos about it lately.  They both love anything messy, sticky, yucky, shiny, and did I say MESSY? : )  ♥

We have actually made this recipe before and it did not work out so well so I wanted to try it a different way to see if we could have more success as last time the finished product was very sticky.  You can make this recipe with actual glitter glue (generic or Elmer’s) or you can use plain glue (generic or Elmer’s) and add your own glitter.  The first time we did it, we used actual glitter glue so this time I thought we would add our own glitter and I knew my girls would love this step also.

Here are the items you will need for this homemade slime recipe.

      • 1 Bottle of Elmer’s Glue (We used clear but you could use white)
      • 1 Cup of warm water
      • Glitter (Your choice of colors)
      • 1 tsp of Borax
      • Mixing Bowl, measuring cup and measuring spoon.

Step 1-  Get Everything you need set up first as the kids will be going crazy if you are still trying to gather up the items.

Getting ready for the project!♥

Step 2- Mix 1 tsp of Borax and 1 cup of warm water together, stir well.

Step 3-  Squeeze Glue into bowl.  Pour water in the bottle and shake to get all remaining glue.

Step 4-  Pour the water/borax mixture over the glue.  After 10-15 seconds add your glitter.  You can have some fun here by adding 1 color or multiple.  We used pink, blue and silver.  The blue and silver were used to achieve a “Frozen” theme slime.  The end results are pretty.

Step 5- Stir mixture or use your hands (kids will love this) and mix together until the slime is a perfect consistency.  If it is still sticky, dip it back into the borax mixture until it changes to a more slimy consistency.  I think this is where we messed up the first time so make sure you really mix your items and use more mixture if need be.

Step 6-  All Done! Play!  Repeat!  Mixture should last nicely for a few days if stored in a plastic baggy, jar or Tupperware.


This time the project was a success compared to the last time we made it.  Not sticky at all!  The only thing I don’t understand is why my oldest’s seemed to stick together better and even bounced like a ball and my younger daughters didn’t; her’s had parts that would fall apart.  They made it the exact same way!  Perhaps she didn’t use all of her glue when I was not looking?

I also wished we would have used more glitter so we could have achieved brighter colors for our slime but the girls were thrilled and I guess that is all that matters!  Clean up was quick and easy since we used a towel and cleaned up along the way.  Double or 1/2 the recipe if you want to make more or less!

By: Elizabeth Hurt♥

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