My friend recently had her 4th child.  A beautiful wonderful experience but one that left her very tired, overwhelmed and possibly with postpartum to say the least.  Her journey the last month and courage got me thinking about woman and the battles we face, usually silently.  I started googling postpartum and could not believe that 11-20% of woman who give birth will suffer from postpartum symptoms and those numbers do not take into account woman who miscarry or have stillbirths who were also very pregnant and could suffer as well.

I came across the #HOWSMAMA Challenge one night when I was catching up on my favorite blog reading and I knew I had to help share the word and I wanted to get in front of the woman behind the campaign!  I feel very blessed that Lauren took the time to answer some of my questions and I hope that you will find comfort and information in her words as well.  Here is beautiful Ms. Lauren in the picture below.

Me: What is the best part of being a Mom?
Lauren: This is actually a really hard question because there are so many wonderful things about motherhood.  I’d have to say that the best part is the bond that exists between a mother and child.  We see beyond each other’s flaws and have a love unlike any other for one another. 
Me: What is the hardest part of being a Mom?
Lauren: Trying not to laugh when your kid does something that’s naughty, but hilarious.
Me:  Why and when did you start your blog?
Lauren: I started Also Known As Mama in 2015, when I was pregnant with my second baby.  It began as a creative outlet to share my ideas.  I had no idea that it would turn into a platform to help and connect with other moms.
Me:  Why is the topic of PostPartum so near and dear to you?
Lauren: After I had my second baby, I suffered from postpartum depression.  It wasn’t until many months after my baby was born that I realized I had an issue.  Looking back on it, I went undiagnosed for so long because nobody asked how I was.  That’s why it’s so important to me that we spread the word to ask moms how they are post- pregnancy. 
Me:  How did you get through your Postpartum?
Lauren: Once I was honest with myself that I was experiencing postpartum depression, I was able to come out to my friends, family, and healthcare providers.  I was prescribed an antidepressant, which helped immensely.  But the support of my family is what really got me through this difficult time in my life.  The power of people is a beautiful thing.
Me:  Knowing what you know now about the topic, what would you say to your Postpartum self if you had the chance?
Lauren: There’s nothing to be embarrassed about and you will not be judged.  
Me: How did you come up for the inspiration for the campaign?
Lauren: This was easy.  It’s something I wish people would’ve asked me: “How’s mama?” 
Me: What are you hoping to accomplish by your #HOWSMAMA campaign?
Lauren: I’m hoping to break the stigma attached to postpartum depression.  Sharing my story with the world was a cleansing process for me.  I want other moms to be brave and share their story.  I also hope to spread awareness of the importance of asking moms how they are, BEFORE asking about the baby.  Looks can be deceiving; just because a new mom looks pulled together, doesn’t mean she is.
Me:  What is one thing you want to tell all the readers about the campaign?
Lauren: SHARE. SHARE. SHARE.  Take your own #howsmama picture and share it, along with the hashtag, on social media.  I don’t care if you’re a mom.  I don’t care if you experienced postpartum depression.  I just want you to share this important movement.  You could save the life of someone you love, or even a complete stranger.  Together we can make a difference. 

You can read more about Lauren, her blog and the #HOWMAMA Challenge here.  Lauren and I are challenging everyone to ask new mom’s these 5 easy questions and spread the word!

  • I know the baby’s great, but how’s mama?
  • How are you really doing?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed?
  • Do you need any help?
  • Have you touched base with your doctor/midwife since the baby was born?

You never know what a difference you might make!  We have to take care of each other!

Please print this sign (or make your own) with the hashtag: #howsmama.  Post it, share it, and repeat on all of your social media platforms.  Explain to your friends and family how important it is to ask questions beyond the baby.  Tell them how simple it is to just ask “How’s mama?”

Even if you aren’t a mom, I’m challenging you.  Nobody should feel alone when it comes to postpartum depression.  Ask the questions and share the hashtag.  #howsmama  

I promised Lauren I would post a picture and share so here I am! : )

Until next time, keep up the juggle Mom


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21 replies
  1. elizabeth o
    elizabeth o says:

    Moms need as much loving, tender care as their babies and people often forget that. I’m glad more light is being shed on this important subject.

  2. Arlene
    Arlene says:

    This is an amazing article to read specially with a mom suffering from postpartum depression. Lots of women go through with this but having support and guidance from friends and family is the most important thing we can do.

  3. E H
    E H says:

    This is a great interview – I enjoyed reading it. I have had 3 children and I don’t think I have suffered from PPD but it is humbling to read about other people’s experiences – it is so difficult to take care of a newborn, even when it is not your first one, and knowing that some others have to go through so much more dealing with depression makes me feel like I have got away quite easily despite the overwhelming feeling of having a new child.

  4. Bonnie
    Bonnie says:

    I had PPD after my first child on top of BPD…it’s such a hard thing to make people understand. Thanks for sharing

  5. Isadora
    Isadora says:

    Thank you for this informative post. This is something that any women suffer but we almost never discuss or talk about it. Although we like to pretend it doesn’t exist, unfortunately it does and it is an big issue that must be treated.

  6. Clare
    Clare says:

    This is a great post I really enjoyed reading it. Can especially relate to Lauren when she answered the hardest part of motherhood “Trying not to laugh when your kid does something that’s naughty, but hilarious.” SO TRUE!!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Ola
    Ola says:

    I love the name “How’s Mama”. Moms always get asked about last. I also like your answer to the “hardest thing about being a Mom.” It’s always good to keep your sense of humor

  8. danasia
    danasia says:

    What an awesome campaign! As someone who is childless, I can only imagine the emotional toll children can take on their mothers. It’s great to see a campaign that’s targeted at helping women with postpartum.

  9. Dalba
    Dalba says:

    Great post! More people should be involved! I had a bit of postpartum with all three of my children. I eventually recovered with the help of my husband and just getting back into my regular routine. The number one thing and most important is for moms to get support!


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