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Parenting is hard!

And every day I wonder what mistakes I am making along the way.  Parenting is filled with a constant shadow of doubt and there is a lot of pressure to raise the perfect child.  And lets chat for a minute about that… Who decides what the perfect child looks, acts and sounds like???  Who gets to determine what qualities the perfectly parented child has??  And who wants that job???  With all the doubt and second guessing involved with parenting I strive to allow myself the opportunity to fail and to grow.  Am I parenting the perfect child???  Sure I am.  Declan is perfect in his own right and he is the prefect child for me.  Let’s set some realistic standards here… let’s focus on growth and development… let’s shine a light on the positive.  Each child is perfect- in some way (big or small) and each child possess innate qualities that are special to them.  Kids are kids.  Let them be little.

One of the most important things for me, as a mother, is to raise a kind and thoughtful human.  If Declan does nothing else in life but be kind and respectful to others I will consider my parenting battle a successful one.  Each and every day I tell Declan how kind he is, I remind him he is sweet and I praise his ability to forgive.

Is it easy?? NO.  He is a toddler after all.  He can be defiant.  He can be cheeky.  He can be mischievous.

I believe, strongly, in the importance of reminding him he is kind in the WORST of times- when is acting defiant, cheeky and mischievous.  In the middle of a melt-down at Target because the P.J. Masks book did not come home with us, in the middle of the restaurant when he is losing his mind because he is hungry, in the midst of an argument with a friend over whose turn it is to ride the pink tractor.  Reminding Declan he is kind, sweet and forgiving stands at the forefront of my mothering.raise kind kids

Amanda Maxwell

I am a wife.  I am a mother.  I am a daughter.  I am a sister.  I am a friend.
This blog is inspired by my journey from the small Colorado mountain town I grew up in, to the amazing Mile High City I called home for 12 years to the new adventures of living abroad in London.  For me the intertwining of fashion with personal growth tells a story of where you come from, the life you embrace today onto the future you see ahead.  I am embarking on this journey now because I feel I am ready to share the person I have been hiding underneath- I am ready to go from Pish to Posh…..
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  1. Peggy Nunn
    Peggy Nunn says:

    I love this post. It is a great read to remind us that we need to be kind or kinder to others. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Halima
    Halima says:

    Lovely post! I agree, kindness rules! After you’ve bathed, fed and clothes your children, the bigger job is helping them become decent human beings.


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