Jesus, A Peanut Butter Puddle, and Dr. Seuss by Patricia Willoughby

For all you Moms who love the Lord, peanut butter and even Dr. Seuss, I really liked the light humor but serious message Patricia brings us.  You can read more of her work on her blog at Silver Miner for God.  She truly has a heart and love for Jesus and it shows in her writings!  Check her out she is Mom Approved for sure!

Blessings,  Elizabeth ♥

Jesus, A Peanut Butter Puddle, and Dr. Seuss

What do the three things have in common?
They are a good prescription for a broken heart. How do you ask? Well first, I love Jesus and according to the song, “I Am Jesus’ Little Lamb,” I know that He loves me, knows my needs, and well provides me. Second who doesn’t love peanut butter cookies with chocolate? Third, I also enjoy reading Dr. Seuss I, especially, enjoyed reading Fox in Sox where beetles battled with paddles in bottles on poodles eating noodles.


Therefore, God put these together when my heart was heavy and needed a cup of good cheer. It all began in early 2015. I had gone to Las Vegas to visit my father before he died. My brother, Mike, who also lives in Las Vegas, and I went to eat lunch at Layer’s Bakery in Henderson, Nevada.


We had just finished eating and were looking at the bakery items when, low and behold, there was a cookie labeled peanut butter puddle. It was, in fact, a peanut butter cookie with a chocolate puddle in the center of the cookie.


Thus the kid in me thought, how cool would it be to eat a peanut butter puddle with a poodle? For you see, God knew all my needs and knew my heart. I do believe that He had this all prepared in advance. Now, there weren’t any poodles in the store but unbeknownst to me there was one on the patio. When my brother and I stepped out on the patio we saw a man eating his hot dog in the company of a beautiful black standard poodle.


Without hesitation, I kid you not! I said to the gentleman, “Sir, you should go in and get yourself a peanut butter puddle to eat with your poodle.”

He looked at me as if I was crazy and that was okay. You see, I did not care for I was not from around there.


So should you ever find yourself in Henderson, Nevada, stop in at Layer’s Bakery. Be sure to take your poodle and get yourself a peanut butter puddle to eat with your poodle while standing in a puddle (should it be a rainy day).


Despite, the sadness that had brought me to Las Vegas that year, God had graced Mike and me with some opportunities to be silly with one another. For when we were younger, we often enjoyed being silly together. Our heavy hearts were made lighter by the silliness that we shared that day.


Is anyone cheerful? Let Him praise the Lord. Psalm 5:13b

…Casting all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

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Patricia Willoughby

Let me tell you a little about myself. The truth is that without Jesus, I am lost. Yet, He found me and made me new.  I have had a love for God’s Word since I was a young girl.
I am married to my heart’s desire. Before meeting him, I was widowed before my son was born and had been single for 15 years. I have served in the Air Force and went to the University of Texas and earned a BS in nursing. I am the oldest sibling in my family. The roles that I fulfill are daughter, sister, wife, mother, and as of August 2015 an aunt. God has called me to speak and I have the privilege to speak for Jesus through Stonecroft Ministries. I serve in my church by working with a group of unique individuals with differing needs.

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