Each morning I wake with this sense of hope that I’ll do something amazing, and often I do, but more often I have a series of small events that are good, just small. I get up and do my devotions, start the laundry, feed the dog, wake my son up for school and fill him with positive affirmation as he hesitates to start his day. I’m satisfied but my heart frequently feels unsatisfied as there isn’t more and yet, yesterday brought perspective.

Yesterday, I received a phone call that abruptly paused this nonsense thinking. A phone call that made us hug our kids closer and seem grateful for what yesterday had seemed an inconvenience. I’m sure many of us have received these calls, someone is hurt in an accident, doctors are unsure of their prognosis; your car’s engine blew and there’s no more money in the bank to cover the cost of repair; your child has an illness that doesn’t look good. We’ve all had those bumps that make us pause.

Perhaps it’s us as parents, as working moms, stay at home moms, single people, whomever, it’s easy to lose perspective quickly, I know I did. I felt if I hadn’t done something significant daily I was behind. And maybe there’s reason to it, maybe it’s because I am starting late in my career, maybe I feel I have something to prove…regardless, I, anyone can lose perspective so that good intent becomes blinded by other prerogatives and with an unwelcome event find yourself reevaluating your lost perspective.

I love how God often brings words through others at the perfect time to speak to us. The morning after this phone call I opened to this, the words were small yet for my heart they were what I needed to heed. The words weren’t ground-shaking or revolutionary, I had heard these before, likely many times, yet, they were new. The loud moments are not the only moments of significance, often the soft, quiet moments are as loud and significant.

Krista Williams stated, ‘For most of us, life is a series of uncelebrated steps but God often writes His story right in the middle of our ordinary everyday affairs. It’s when we are simply doing the next thing that God honors our weak faith and makes us stronger.’


The phone call we received was jarring. It created pause we needed to reflect as well as look in gratitude in what is around us. It made us slow for a moment and yes, we’ll have to visit it again when the demand of our day speeds up. I know it. For today, we reflect and enjoy; we are thankful for what is and will be.

“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realize they were big things.” 

-Author Unknown

We love you, D

Megan Rosselot

 I’m a mama to two, wife to one, gourmet coffee drinker, and dreamer of exotic places that I yearn to travel to. I love musicals and the ballet, on a budget. I love to experiment with new recipes and enjoy eating, (oh I love eating). And I love stories where grace wins.   Part of my story lies in who I was, the imperfect, messy, and hopeless self. Along this journey, I’ve experienced grace that I can’t explain, a grace I didn’t deserve.

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  1. Viktoria
    Viktoria says:

    It’s so important to start the day right, you never know what might come. And to stay positive no matter how hard it might seem. I wish you strength


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