5 Reasons you Should have a Family Game Night

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This is a sponsored post by Spinmaster.  We did receive a complimentary Hedbanz game but all opinions are 100% our own.

We have family game night on Friday nights!  My kids have come to look forward to this tradition as the busy week is wrapping up and it’s a chance for us to all get together and have some hard earned fun!  Sometimes we let the kids pick what they want to do or I plan ahead and have a game or fun activity for us to do all ready!

hedbandz game review

Some of our best game nights have included family walks, games I found on pinterest or good old- fashioned board games!  There is no wrong or right thing to do since every family is different!  Just get the tradition started and try to be consistent, especially if you have younger kids.  For our game night this past week we played a really fun game called Hedbanz.  You might of heard about Hedbanz the award winning, goofy guessing game of “What am I?”  before but they have a new Second Edition with brand new cards for kids board game now.  It comes with everything you need for non-stop fun including a Hedbanz rule sheet, 74 cards, 24 chips, 6 headbands, and sand-clock timer.  You can pick it up anywhere board games are sold!

Why should you have a game night?

Reason 1- Making memories

You are making memories with your family that all will remember.  When your kids look back on their childhood, you want them to remember all the fun times you had.  When they remember that you always had a family game night, they will cherish those memories.  Playing Hedbanz is a great way to have some fun and get some laughs!  Each player wears a “headband” and picks a card.  They don’t know the card they have selected and need to ask questions to the rest of the players to try to guess the card on their head.  Everyone looks really silly so you are making some great memories!  With the holidays coming up, I can’t wait to pull out my Hedbanz and have some laughs!

hedbanz 2nd edition

Reason 2- Great way to talk to your kids about their week

Families run at super speeds these days with all members of your family going in different directions all the time.  It is so nice to just stop and 100% of the focus is on your family unit.  The kids will be relaxed and having fun and you can bring up any questions or concerns that you have during this time in a relaxed environment.  During our game of Hedbanz, my kids brought up stories about their week because the cards actually made them think about and remember what they had done at school.

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Reason 3- Stress reliever

Studies show that having fun and playing games truly relieves stress and anxiety.  Hello, do we want our families to live with stress and anxiety?  No, I think not!  Laugh it out, play and have some fun.  This is your perfect opportunity to order everyone away from all mobile devices and get out the ole fun makers.  My kids never ask for their mobile devices during our family game night!

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Reason 4- Learning opportunity

Depending on what you play, there are always lessons that can be taught.  I like to pick educational games like Hedbanz or fun games that help my children learn and grow as well .  Hedbanz is the perfect game, especially for kids 6 to 9 years old.  Kids will be able to develop deductive reasoning and problem solving skills in a thrilling way!  While trying to guess the card on their head, they have to ask lots of questions and race against a timer.

learning games for kids

Reason 5- Way to teach social skills to your kids

We all know we need manners and social skills.  What a fun way to teach you kids about taking turns, teamwork, competition and much more by playing games.  Hedbanz is perfect for this because everyone takes their turn and when the timer runs out, that’s it, on to the next player.  We teamed up as well since the littles needed a little bit of help and talked about what we might have on our heads in a little huddle, just like a team would do!


So whatever you decide to do, just get started!  Have a weekly game night with your family because there are truly many benefits and much fun to be had! They will love you for it!

Do you have a game night tradition?  Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Candice
    Candice says:

    Saturdays in our household are movie nights with fun food. I find the kids look forward to it each week to see what I have plan. I always make sure to do something neat and different to make Saturday stand out from the rest of the week!

  2. Tosha
    Tosha says:

    This is so fun! Our family enjoys playing games too we have game nights all the time from games on Wii or board games and even on our phone the heads up game is fun! We maybe have to check this out.

  3. Jenn
    Jenn says:

    Great topic! Game night is a good way to keep interacting with your family and avoiding television and social media. Everyone needs that break!


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