2 Easy & Fun Educational Kids Activities- Constructing and Erupting a Volcano

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Summer Summer Summer!  That means many of you are stuck at home with the kids and as fun as that is by this time you may have exhausted your play list of things to do with the little rascals. Fear not, Mom Always Knows has teamed up with The Sprouting Minds to bring you 2 awesome and educational kids activities.

Awesome and Educational Kids Activities

Let’s talk Volcanoes!  Time to teach the kids about volcanoes or at least recap if they are at the age they might of already learned about them before with these 2 fun-filled activities of constructing and erupting Volcanoes!  Who doesn’t love them as they are way cool!

How to construct a Volcano

To construct your own volcano in three easy steps (since we only do easy at MAK) you only need the following:

Plastic Solo Cup
Air drying clay, play dough, or any other type of modeling clay
Paper plate
Accessories your child may want to decorate the volcano with

how to erupt a Volcano

Head on over to the Sprouting Minds here  to learn how to make your own!

We wouldn’t just leave you hanging with just a plain ole Volcano that doesn’t erupt!  We want your kids to have the best time possible!  Kids love things that happen, right!?!  Well read on!

All you will need for some serious erupting is:

2 tbs Baking Soda
6 drops Dawn
1/4c Vinegar
Food Coloring (for Lava color)
Empty 8oz or 16oz water bottle, depending on size of volcano
Paper plate or dish for collecting ‘lava’

Erupting Volcano Activity

For full instructions on how to erupt your own volcano head on over to Sprouting Minds here.

Its simple, easy and fun!  Your kids will have so much fun and you won’t have a mess to clean up…well…not much of one! : )

Enjoy the rest of your summer Mom!  Please comment below and let us know what you thought and how much fun your kids had with this fun, easy and educational activity!

Until next time!




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Hello Everyone! My name is Clair Cook, a mom of 3: Ryleigh (5), Brady (4) and Chloe (8 1/2 months). As a science teacher/researcher turned stay at home mommy, my true passion for all things science has me incorporating science activities with my kids. Now I'm here with my blog, The Sprouting Minds, to share these activities with others, in hopes of spreading the love for all things 'sciency'. Why?! Because science can be fun! Along the way, I will post incites into my world as a mom.  Please visit my blog to find out more!

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